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Quickly Learn Aeon Timeline for Fiction Writers & Authors

Course Dates: 30th January – 26 February 2017 Cost: RWA-Member – $30.00 Non RWA-Member – $80.00 Presenter: Kylie Ross Quick Learn Aeon Timeline is an online course that is logically laid out and covers all the features within Aeon Timeline 2. Created for all types of writers, Fiction and Non-Fiction, this course takes you through the basics of Aeon Timeline and then gives you Ninja skills with practical real world examples and bonus templates you can make your own. If you don’t already, you’ll come to love brainstorming and plotting your timelines and then sync to Scrivener and begin writing faster! Aeon Timeline …


Submission for #RWAus17 close on December 31, 2016.   We have been mustering a diverse herd of talented professionals for the 26th RWA Annual Conference – Love Gone Wild.   But are you the stray runaway we’re waiting on to join the pack?   We are cracking the whip one last time.   Our team is planning #RWAus17 to be the best conference ever and want to utilise our community of talented authors and professionals. Stop grazing out in the pastures, frolicking in the ocean or flitting about in the skies – get your workshop, panel or roundtable submissions to …

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OWL | Author Branding: Why You Need It Before You Sell

Course Dates: 2 – 29 January 2017 Cost: RWA-Member – $30.00 Non RWA-Member – $80.00 Presenter: Nikki Logan There is so much more to effective AUTHOR BRANDING than a pretty website and a catchy tagline. Working out who you are as a writer and what you want to say is an important part of effectively communicating to editors, agents and (ultimately) readers. Branding is not something you need to leave until after you sell. This OWL course will look at author branding in the romance sector and will help participants identify what their brand is. By month’s end you will …

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There are a number of advertising options available on the RWA website. All advertising will be approved by the Account Manager in the advertising team. Advertising requirements can be seen in our advertising policy. Advertising rates per month are: $50 members $100 non-members Any questions can be directed to the Account Manager at

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OWL | Writing the Short Story for submission

WRITING THE SHORT STORY FOR SUBMISSION Course Dates: 28/11/2016 – 25/12/2016 Presenter: Louisa Bacio Beginning writers are often told to: “Write the story you want to read, not what someone else might want to see.” This class, instead, deals with catering a short story specifically to a publisher’s request for submissions. Regularly, editors and ublishers list upcoming anthologies and the types of stories they’re looking to include. The course will explore current call-outs, and students will be encouraged to write specifically for one anthology and to submit the work at the end of the course. Basic crafting of a short story, such …

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Have You Heard of Miss Jones? Understanding Character Driven Plotting Through Analysing Bridget Jone’s Diary. Course Dates: 01/11/2016 – 28/11/2016 Presenter: Samantha Bond You’re probably familiar with the phrase: “the plot thickens”. But exactly what is plot and how, as a writer, do you come up with your own original, compelling plots? The trick is to understand the difference between ‘story’ and ‘plot’. In this workshop, I’ll demonstrate how plot works through an analysis of arguably the greatest chick-lit novel of all time, Bridget Jones’ Diary. But more than simply analyse, this workshop will arm participants with tools to create their own plots …