Melbourne, Australia

an ex-Kiwi, now Aussie. A mother of three. A chocoholic. Read-a-holic. Romance-a-holic.
Runner. Photographer. Crime show addict. Rom com movie buff. And last, but
nowhere near least, a writer. I make people fall in love, kill a character or
two on the way, but there’s always a happy ending (my husband’s words, not

worked in an Austrian ski resort, on a six star cruise ship which just happened
to be the biggest twin-hulled vessel ever built and in an English pub. I’ve
lived in London for a year, oh, too many years ago. Cleaned Marks and Spencers
and grouted bathrooms in a large Marble Arch hotel. I’ve travelled through
Europe, South America and parts of the Caribbean, and yet it wasn’t until I
moved to Melbourne, Australia that I met my own real life hero.

and I are approaching our sixteenth wedding anniversary this March. With him
and my three heroes in the making I am living my own happy ever after.

a member of RWA (both America and Australia), Sisters in Crime, Kiss of Death  and treasurer of Melbourne Romance
Writers Guild (MRWG).

debut novel
Lethal in Love won both
the Valerie Parv Award and Romance Writers of America’s Indiana Golden
Opportunities Award before publication and was snapped up by Penguin Random
House after a pitch at Sydney's 2014 RWA conference. It hit virtual bookstores
in July 2015 as a serial ebook.

Lethal in Love was re-released
as a single ebook the same weekend it won RWA’s Romantic Book of the Year Award
for long romance.