Hide and Seek with Frank Ahearn

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Privacy expert and skip tracer, Frank M. Ahearn introduces Hide & Seek, a class on how to disappear and how to find people in the digital age. Frank will first present how skip tracers and private investigators locate people. He does this by sharing actual cases of how he utilizes pretext, social engineering, search engines and social media to find people and information. Frank will demonstrate how vulnerable your information is at banks, phone and cable companies, as well as other organizations that have information about you. He will also offer suggestions on how to protect your information.

After learning how to find people, Frank turns the table and teaches you how to disappear completely. He does this by explaining how to use pre-paid mobiles, prepaid debit, and unconnected computers for your disappearance. Also how to use offshore bank accounts and corporations to set up a new home in your destination city. However, the real trick to disappearing is creating digital and non-digital disinformation. The purpose is to make it appear you are living in Fiji but actually in Perth. Finally, Frank teaches how to be a disappeared person and never be found.

Course Details

Hide & Seek, will take participants into the fascinating world of how to disappear and how to find people. When a person disappears, they need to use disinformation to throw their predator off the trail. When a skip tracer searches for a person, they use a pretext to extract information. To a degree, hiding and finding are worlds steeped in the art of deception. I am the Magister Ludi of creating deception for privacy.

PART 1. To understand how to disappear, one needs to know how private investigators, skip tracers and law enforcement search for people.

The methods used to search for a person range from databases, the internet, social media and social engineering. Typically there are three main places to extract information. Mobile phone records tell who you called, texted and emailed. GPS shows where and Apps lead us to a multiple of other sources. Then there are financials, like credit cards and bank accounts that speak a volume. Your internet usage shares the deep, dark and dirty. If you pressed, enter send or download, you created a footprint. I demonstrate how information is extracted and used to hunt a person.

A. How to locate people using databases as background information.
B. How to manipulate a person’s information to find them via search engines.
C. How to use social media to track down people and how to pretext family and friends on social media to reveal the location of the individual you are hunting.
D. Social engineering is a double-edged sword since it can be illegal. I explain how skip tracers use social engineering to extract private information like phone, financials, and criminal records to hunt people.
E. I introduce methods of legal, social engineering and how it is utilized to locate people.

PART 2. How to Disappear completely and never be found.

A. The first step in disappearing is STOPPING everything because you have created a truckload of footprints. How to identify the mistakes created and how to combat.
B. How to build a disappear plan using pay-as- you-go mobiles, debit cards, untraceable computers, and connections.
C. How to set up your destination city by using offshore bank accounts and corporations.
D. Understanding that we are no longer solely human but also digital and therefore must create disinformation for our digital and human self. The purpose of disinformation is to have the predator locate the fake information in Fiji while you are disappeared in the Gold Coast.
E. Pseudocide: Faking a death. Never fake your death and why.
F. D-Day, the day you disappear and how to conduct counter-surveillance and leave the least amount of footprints.
G. There are three ways to obtain a new or fake identity, buy, steal or create. However, each has their downfalls and are never a good idea. You do not need a fake or new identity to disappear.
H. How to create a discipline to live as a disappeared person.
I. Introduce real cases to demonstrate how people are located and how people disappear.

Overall participants will gain a fantastic education in skip tracing, investigating, social engineering, new identities, pseudocide (faking death) offshore banking, counter-surveillance and much more. These are all key themes in every mystery, thriller and spy novels.

About the Presenter

Frank M. Ahearn is a privacy expert who teaches people how to disappear. He works with victims of stalkers, business people, and celebrities who have found themselves in a
dangerous situation. When not disappearing people, Frank finds those who do cannot be located. Frank is author of the NewYork Times Bestseller, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace.


Course Dates: 5th February 2018 to 4th March 2018

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