Little Gems Anthology ~ Peridot ~ 2015


Little Gems Anthology Paperback ~ Peridot ~ 2015

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Little Gems Anthology Paperback ~ Peridot ~ 2015
Cover design by Sheridan Kent
Lisa Barry—Peridot Silk
Rowena Candlish—How You Love Me
Elizabeth Ellen Carter—The Tin Bear
Heidi Catherine—Peridot Eyes
Kat Colmer—For the Love Of Gnomes
Kat Colmer—Sweet Bombe Alaska
Stella Frances—Fragments
Nicole Grant—Lost and Found
Fiona Greene—Secrets Of the Past
Harriet Jarvis—The Enemy Next Door
Kerrie Paterson—Lost Love
Anne Prince—The Greening of Love
Anne Prince—The Rules Of the Game
Ute Rozenbilds—Time Heals
Michelle Skidmore—The Peridot Package