Little Gems Anthology ~ Sapphire ~ 2013

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Little Gems Anthology Paperback ~ Sapphire ~ 2013


Little Gems Anthology ~ Sapphire ~ 2013

Cover design by Sheridan Kent

Patsy Poppenbeek—Segue To Sapphire
Cheryl Baker—How To Tame A Dragon
Gabrielle Battistel—The Sapphire’s Prophecy
Harriet Jarvis—Stealing the Detectives Heart
Delwyn Jenkins—Bella’s Gift
Cathryn Jones—Project Sapphire
Emmeline Lock—EverTrue
C.A. Main—Sapphire Moon
Dorothy Martin–Release
Patsy Poppenbeek—Segue To Sapphire
Jennifer Rae—Stolen and Seduced By the Bushranger
Ute Rozenbilds—Mining Sapphires
Shayne Sands—A Fairy Tale
Jacquie Underdown—At A Glance
Vanda Vadas—Liquid Sapphire
Jean Versace—An Exchange of Rings

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