Get Your Books Into Australian Public and School Libraries

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Get your paperbacks into libraries across Australia. Ebony McKenna will show you how to getyour books into print and into the hands of avid readers right across the country. Bonus, you’ll qualify for Lending Rights – money in your pocket!

Course Details

Ebony will take writers by the hand and show them how to:

  • Get their books into print using either Blurb, Ingram Spark or others – and the processes involved. (including formatting etc)
  • How to get Australian ISBNs and the best way to use them. (Thorpe Bowker)
  • Advice on pricing to make books affordable and attractive to library suppliers.
  • Advice on the all-important cover art
  • How to register for Lending Rights (ELR and PLR) so authors get royalties every year for their print books being in libraries. Which means in some cases you might initially sell the books at a slight loss, but make money back later.
  • (Ebooks are available for borrowing in many libraries but do not qualify for Lending Rights at this stage.)
  • Who the main library suppliers are and how to make first contact. (I have contacts, and they want me to let authors know about them.)
  • Making a ‘one-sheet’ blurb about the book and author, which can be emailed out to libraries.
  • How to find a list of public libraries in your state – how to approach them and let them know your books exist.

Participants will benefit because libraries are where readers hang out. Libraries are where readers will discover authors and borrow their books – which will encourage the libraries to buy more of their titles. This is unique because so many of us are still in the ‘staggering around bumping into things’ stage of self-publishing. There are many publishers who will help authors self-publish, but after that they’re left wondering how to distribute those books.

This course will put all the information in one place, in a handy step-by- step-guide. This course is designed primarily for indie authors – the self-published who have to do
everything themselves. But it will be incredibly useful to all published authors who might not have heard about Lending Rights and might also be keen to know how it all works. (And give their publishers a prompt!) Those who have yet to publish will benefit because they will have the future steps laid out before them and have a clear idea of what comes next. Bonus: Once your books are in libraries, let them know you’re available for author talks and workshops – paid gigs folks!

Bookings Open

About the Presenter

Ebony McKenna is the author of seven young adult romances, all of which are in print, in public and school libraries across Australia. She hasn’t formally been diagnosed with ADHD, but she totally has it. The way she manages to complete big projects is by writing lists; breaking tasks down into manageable chunks. Which – how lucky for you – is how she’ll present this workshop. In manageable chunks.


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