Cocktail Party

Everyone has a favourite fairy tale and, that classic first line: “Once Upon a Time” conjures many images, so many interpretations. Some of the most popular movies in recent times have been about those classic tales with a modern or bizarre twist.
The delicious Hemsworth in the Woodsman, the spellbindingly strange Johnny Depp in Alice Through the Looking Glass. You may like to come as Red Riding Hood with a basket of baked wolf goods. Or Cinderella who rejects her prince for a lifetime lived alone with her cats. Prince Charming thirty years on, who has aged really badly.
Come join us at our favorite event of the conference!

RWA Gala Awards Dinner 2019

A luxe setting for our most prestigious event of the year will take your breath away. Join us as we celebrate industry achievements, contest winners, and announce the results for our Romantic Book of the Year (RuBY) Award. Glitz, glamour, and prestige will prevail throughout the evening, as we come together as a community to support the ongoing excellence across our beloved industry. Dress to dazzle!

After Party

After the Gala Awards Dinner, the lights are dimmed and the dance tracks hit the high notes. The celebration continues with the After Party, where we get down and boogie with friends old and new.