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Yeah, this is the month where love reigns supreme. But that got me thinking. How do you describe all those heady feelings that go hand in hand with falling in love?

Sure, for romance writers, love is our stock and trade. Where would we be without it? Probably writing those boring corporate brochures no-one reads.

But falling in love has one big problem, at least from where I’m standing.

That’s because it’s different for every single one of us.

Sure, it’s one of those universal concepts that no matter where you come from, no matter who your parents are, or what your upbringing was like, romantic love, the falling in love forever kind, was something you knew existed. Even if you didn’t get to experience love of any sort all that often.

So, when you’re trying to write a romance that sounds half-way sensible, this fact causes unseen problems.

You see, no-one else’s experience of falling love will ever be the same as mine. And do you know why? Because no-one else has my background, hang ups, or insecurities. Or those extra kilos that refuse to disappear. So how you respond to the man or woman of the hour, and experience falling in love for keeps, will be different from me.

And that’s a good thing, too.

Call me naive, but when I first met my husband, I had no idea I would fall in love with him. It wasn’t instant. It took me years (literally) to figure it out. I remember thinking what an amazing guy he was. But I had no idea I would end up marrying him. Okay, I know, I’m a bit slow on the up-take. Because according to him, he knew we’d end up together all along!

Because of this, I intend to write a story where the heroine is much smarter than I was, much more in tune with what’s happening around her. Where it doesn’t take five years for the hero and heroine to finally end up engaged.

I mean, who’d read a story that took that long to resolve itself?

A story where falling in love will be better than anything in the whole wide world. My two main characters will kiss, and cuddle, and fight to overcome whatever it is that’s keeping them apart. They’ll grow and change and come to the realisation, (nowhere near as slowly as me) that being together is much better than going it alone.

At least, that’s what I hope will happen.

Now, please excuse me. Because I’m off to start writing that riveting love story. Which won’t be based on my own, cause most people would be asleep before I get to the good bits.

Wendy Davies

Wendy adores riding her pedal-assist electric bike. And living in Melbourne means she has easy access to some incredible bike paths and Victoria’s extensive rail trails.

She runs her own editing and communications business and is often found reading her Kindle, immersed in a romance story. She makes her own jewellery. And enjoys travelling with her husband, where she often indulges in taking the odd landscape photograph.

Wendy lives her life with every intention of leaving this world laughing and shouting “what a great ride this have been”.

Check out her website, or follow her on Facebook – but she’s not on Twitter!

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