An opportunity to showcase that romantic tension. Enter a 1500-word scene involving your protagonists’ first kiss, plus a half-page set-up.

Opens: 8 February 2021 – 1700 AEST
Closes: 1 March 2021 – 1700 AEST

Eligibility: RWA members in Aspiring and Emerging categories only.

Entry: one scene, depicting the first kiss between your protagonists. Scene can be up to 1500 words (maximum). A 1⁄2 page set up should also be included, which is judged.

Entry fee – $33 per entry (incl GST).
Two entries per person are permitted.

Final Judge – TBA

Queries to Contest Coordinator Sara Hartland

Terms & Conditions

Formatting sample

Sample score sheet

This contest opened at 1700 AEST, Monday 8 February 2021 and closed at 1700 AEST Monday 1 March 2021