Romance Media Award (ROMA) began in 2006 to recognise outstanding reporting of romance. Open to Australian print and electronic media for coverage focussing on some aspect of romance novels, romance writing, or romance publishing.

Romance Media Award

ROMA 2013Romance Writers of Australia recognises outstanding reporting of romance with its Romance Media Award (ROMA). Started in 2006, it is open to Australian print and electronic media for coverage focusing on some aspect of romance novels, romance writing, or romance publishing.Australian print, television, radio and digital media are eligible for the award. Qualifying articles, segments or programs must focus on some aspect of romance novels, romance writing, or romance publishing and must be published some time during the financial year prior to the RWA annual conference. Nominations for the ROMA can come from any member of RWA or outside person. All entries are examined and a short list is prepared by the ROMA Committee. Send a letter and a copy of the article/segment/program to:Romance Writers of Australia
PO Box Q740
Queen Victoria Building
NSW 1230 or contact the ROMA Liaison at

And the winner is…

2019 – Lauren Sams (ELLE Magazine) – “The New Romantics”

2018 – Libby-Jane Charleston (Huffington Post) article & podcast (1hr) “Romance Thriving in the Tinder Age

2017 – Hsu-Ming Teo – “Love and the Land: Early Australian Rural Romances”  AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S HISTORY BLOG

2016 –

2015 – Danielle Binks on Fairfax Media’s women’s website for her piece Things No One Tells You About Romance Readers 

2014 – Kat Mayo of Bookthingo on The Drum, on ABC Online,for her piece, titled “Dear columnists, romance fiction is not your bitch.”

2013 – Happily Ever After by John Affleck (Photos by Brendan Radke)– Gold Coast Bulletin

2012 – The Romance Queens–Susan Horsburgh–The Australian Women’s Weekly

2011 – Simon Royal – ‘The Changing Face of Romance’ 28/08/2010

2010 – My Secret Art Life: Romance Writer, Robert Hayward, Art Nation, ABC Arts & Entertainment

“I really enjoyed making this piece, and am happy that both Alison and the RWA understood the spirit in which it was made. We tried to have a bit of fun, but simultaneously show the dedication and craft that go into writing romance. Of course, Alison was the ideal character to help us achieve these aims.” 
Robert Hayward.

2009 – Lisa Chant & Michelle McLochlan  of  The Weekender,  Sunshine Coast Publishing Pty. Ltd. ( 22/1/ 2009)  “True Romantic”

2008 – Martin King, (A Current Affair ) for the interview he did with Ally Blake, aired on Thurs 27th December 2007

2007 – Kate Cuthbert, The Courier-Mail

The winner was chosen because the journalist has brought her in-depth knowledge of romance publishing and the romance writing community to a wide general audience, demonstrating over time the huge variety and range of fiction that is romance, and thereby challenging assumptions about the genre.

2006 – Alexandra Carlton, Madison Magazine, November 2005 Feature Article