Ripping Start

First Place – Suzie Jay
Second Place – Samara Parish
Third Place – Nichola Caisley

Emerald Pro

First Place – Stella Quinn- Tropic Storm
Second Place – Dakota Harrison- Slave
Third Place – Coventry Downs- Caenys Kerr

Emerald Award

First Place – Bronwyn Hall – Not in a Million Years
Second Place – Lisa Stanbridge – Letting Go
Third Place – Samara Parish – To Love Her Ladyship

Valerie Parv

First Place – Nette Neville
Second Place – Jo Speirs
Third Place – Suzie Jay

First Kiss

First Place – Miranda Morgan
Second Place – Emma Hoole
Third Place – Dianna Wilson

Spicy Bites

First Place – Fiona Marsden
Equal Second Place – Kristin Silk
Equal Second Place – Maisie Whitfield

Little Gems

Equal First Place – Holly Mands
Equal First Place – Chelsea Locke
Equal First Place – Lisa Stanbridge

Selling Submission

First Place – Kerrie Starbuck
Second Place – Nancy Cunningham
Third Place – Clare Griffin

The R♥BY

Contemporary – Penelope Janu – On the Right Track
Historical – Maddison Michaels – The Devilish Duke
Suspense – Aislinn Kearns – Undercover Fighter
Speculative – Kerry Arthur – Cursed
Romantic Elements – Tangled Vines – Megan Mayfair