R♥BY Results

The Romantic Book of the Year Award, affectionately known as The Ruby, is one of our premier awards and the only one of its kind in Australia. Voted on by Australian readers, this contest is open each year to any Australian or New Zealand romance author who has published a romance novel in a number of categories.

RWA congratulates the finalists in the Romantic Book of The Year and Romantic Novella of the Year 2020, for books published in 2019.

Contemporary Romance:

First Place: The Desert Midwife – Fiona McArthur
Second Place:
Can’t Stop the Feeling – Janet Elizabeth Henderson
Third Place:
Nothing But Trouble – Amy Andrews
Fourth Place: Capturing Love – Anna Penny
Fifth Place: Stowaway – Stella Quinn
                     The Legacies of Brigadier Station – Sarah Williams


First Place: The Clothier’s Daughter – Bronwyn Parry
Second Place:
Marry in Secret – Anne Gracie
Third Place: The Slum Angel – AnneMarie Brear

Romantic Elements:

First Place: Just One Wish – Rachael Johns
Second Place:
House of Wishes – Jenn J McLeod
Third Place: The Silk Merchant of Sychar – Cindy Williams

Romantic Suspense:

First Place: Out Run the Night – Leah Ashton
Second Place: 
Shelter – Claire Boston
Third Place: Hide & Seek – Emma Lea
                        Nothing to Lose – Claire Boston

Speculative Fiction:

First Place: Heart of Eon – Anna Hackett
Second Place:
Envy – Lana Pecherczyk
Third Place: Sloth – Lana Pecherczyk


First Place: Whistler Wonderland – Georgia Tingley
Second Place:
A Christmas Arrangement – Monique McDonnell
Third Place: Unwrapping her Heart – Marianne Bayliss