Getting Comfortable Writing Sex | Catherine Evans / Cate Ellink

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Writing a sex scene can be uncomfortable. Allowing others to read what you’ve written can cause major discomfort. That’s not mentioning the awkwardness if friends or family read your sex scene and want to pass sly looks, comments or judgements.

Support from other writers is what’s given me the confidence to write sex. Way back in 2010, I didn’t show many people sex scenes although I wrote them. Then I attended RWA’s inaugural 5DI where I realised that I could write sex scenes where others struggled to find words. It’s great to find a talent; I still didn’t have the confidence to display it.

Then I found RWA’s erotic romance writers’ group. They talked about writing sex openly, freely, with much laughter and little judgement. Not long later, a bunch of us went on a weekend writing retreat. I was not-yet-published, not sure I should be there, but it was the most liberating experience. I was comfortable speaking with them about all types of writing. These women helped me go from apprehensive unpublished writer, who had trouble writing emotion, scene transitions, conflict, and adventurous sex, to published writer. Who would have thought a few days could forge such bonds and change my writing?

It’s sometimes difficult to find such people, and a place of openness with little judgement, a place of shared learning and deep, honest discussion. 

That’s one of the reasons I suggested this OWL. I benefitted so much from such a space, that I’d like to create one for others. We can’t always afford retreats, so I’m hoping we can create a similar atmosphere during a 4-week online workshop.

I’m hoping we can spend the first two weeks in discussions about words, fears, published sex scenes, and finding where our boundaries may be. Then I’m hoping in the last couple of weeks we can try writing scenes, with the option of sharing and discussing them. 

If you’re looking for a safe space to take your writing a step or two past your comfort zone, this might be something you’d like to join. If so, sign up. We’d love to have you!

Getting Comfortable Writing Sex with Catherine Evans/Cate Ellink
RWA OWL Course Dates: 5 August to 1 September
Cost: RWA Member—$55. Non-RWA Member—$88.  
Venue: Online – RWA Moodle Platform
For more information and bookings:

Catherine Evans is a city-born throwback to country genes. Selecting a genre wasn’t easy. She fell into romance and has since found a niche in rural romance—where she feels her years in agricultural research aren’t wasted. Catherine has two books published with Escape Publishing—The Healing Season and Long Game. Catherine’s always had a secret wild side, and she indulges that by writing erotic romance and erotica as Cate Ellink. Cate has three novels with Escape Publishing—The Virginity Mission, Deep Diving and Team Player. She has eight short stories published, some with Escape Publishing and others in anthologies. If you want to know more, please visit Catherine’s website or Cate’s

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