Pitch Like a Professional!

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PITCH LIKE A PROFESSIONAL – a conference primer!

Presented by Anita Joy

Course Dates – 4thJune – 1STJuly 2018

Cost: RWA Member – $55. Non-RWA Member – $80.

Try-booking Linkhttps://www.trybooking.com/348155



About the course….


Gearing up for the RWAust conference in just a couple of months?

Excited but silently terrified about the opportunity to pitch your book to an editor or agent?

Pitch Like a Professional”is a four-week conference primer designed to getyour synopsis, query letter, in-person pitch (and you!) glinting with readiness.

Each week will focus on one aspect of the pitching and submission skillset. As well as learning the secrets to successful submission, you will work on your own synopsis, query letter and pitch and then have an (optional) private session with your trainer to practice your pitch in a safe, one-on-one, face-to-face environment and get some feedback.

About the presenter…

AJ Blythe (Anita Joy) is an experienced TAFE trainer and educator who has done her fiction-writing apprenticeship over many years in the close company of some of her favourite published authors.

She is that rarest of author-creatures: an author who lovesto pitch. She thrives in short-form pitching and thinking on her feet. Since joining RWA in 2008 she been a finalist in the High 5, Ripping Start and Valerie Parv Award and won the Selling Synopsis award in 2013. Find her at www.ajblythe.comand @aussiecozy




  1. This will be a first OWL for me and I was just wondering if it works similar to a webinar? Also, what time and day of the week are they held? Since I work full-time I need to know before I sign up that I will be able to make it.

    Thank you
    Frances Dall’Alba

  2. Hi Frances,

    Apologies for the delay in responding, but I have only just seen your question.

    The course is predominantly pdf downloads, although the final week also has online videos. I post a week at a time – there are two lessons per week. Each week has homework which you can upload for my feedback (I highly recommend you do this to make the most of the course). There is no deadline for the homework, other than the course end date. So if you have a bad week you can catch up the next. If you work full-time you should have no problems with the course (you’ll notice when I post feedback it’s often in the middle of the night for that exact reason!).

    If you have any other questions please ask (now I know this page is here I’ll check back regularly).



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