Emerald 2024 – One Entry

$25.00 inc. GST



The Emerald Award is our major contest for unpublished writers, offering a unique opportunity to have your full manuscript judged if you make the second round. Initial entry is the first 10,000 words of your manuscript.

Opens: 11 September 2023
 2 October 2023

Eligibility: RWAus Aspiring or Emerging members only, with no works 10K+ commercially available. This contest is not open to non-members.

Entry: The first 10,000 words of your unpublished/uncontracted romance or romantic elements manuscript (10K+). Entrants who reach the second round will need to submit their full manuscript. Entries are to be uploaded to an online form.

Entry fee: $25.00 incl GST per entry. (A maximum of two entries are permitted per entrant)

Prizes: $750 for first place, $250 second place, $100 third place).

Final Judge: TBA