Little Gems Anthology ~ Diamond ~ 2012


Little Gems Anthology Paperback ~ Diamond ~ 2012

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Little Gems Anthology ~ Diamond ~ 2012

Cover design by Frank Honsa

Shayne Sands–Bali Sunset
Cath Evans–Diamond Shield
Donna Woodhouse–Otherwise Engaged
Carmen Gowans–Diamonds In the Sky
Venetia Green–The Diamond Of Friday Street
Venetia Green–The Nun and the Thief
Fiona Gregory–Hope For the Future
Margaret Holmes–Diamonds In Her Hair
Juanita Kees–Rough Diamond
Jenn J McLeod–About Midnight
Anna Simons–Seymour’s Folly
Kerrie Starbuck–Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Revenge
Vanda Vadas–Queen Of Diamonds
Mary Warwick– Diamonds In the Sky