Ripping Start – One Entry

$20.00 inc. GST



Ripping Start is for the first 1,500 words of your romance or romantic elements novel or novella. A great way to hone your hook.

Closes: 26 February 2024

Prizes: 1st: $400 – 2nd: $200 – 3rd: $100

Eligibility: RWA Aspiring or Emerging members only, with no works 10K+ commercially available. Work (10K+) from which entry is taken must not be commercially available. Up to two entries per member are permitted.

Entry: The first 1,500 words (max) of your manuscript plus a mini synopsis (300 word (max) overview that should tell judges what your story is about, complete with the ending/resolution). Entries are to be uploaded via an online form.

Entry fee: $20.00 inc GST

Final Judge: TBA