ROMA Finalists

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The ROMA is Romance Writers of Australia’s (RWA’s) annual award for excellence in Australian media coverage of romance genre or themes. Each year, RWA members nominate pieces that represent the strongest and freshest reportage of a romance-related subject. They are read and assessed by a member-panel that includes a journalist and experienced marketers/communicators. Entries are assessed against criteria including quality, innovation, bias/objectivity and reach.

This year, two very different approaches have made the finals:

  • A pair of pieces based on an interview with 2016 RWA Conference keynotes, Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick, syndicated to The Mercury (TAS) and The Advertiser (SA) but which featured market-specific authors and angles looking at the evolution of the genre.
  • An historical perspective on ‘rural romance’ which shows it is more Australian literary tradition than recent phenomenon.

The finalists in the 2016/7 ROMA are:

  • Penelope Debelle – “Romance Novels prove Passion Pays”   THE MERCURY
  • Penelope Debelle – “Passion Pays: How Romance Writing is Driving Billions of Dollars in Sales”    SA ADVERTISER
  • Hsu-Ming Teo – “Love and the Land: Early Australian Rural Romances”  AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S HISTORY BLOG

Each piece is live-linked – we encourage you to read and share these widely so that we can fulfil RWA’s part in acknowledging and rewarding quality reportage of the romance genre. [If the Mercury link leads you to a subscription page, try Googling it instead with the keywords “debelle” “December 10” “romance pays” and “mercury” – that got us to the full piece without having to subscribe].

The ROMA award winner will be announced at the 2017 RWA Conference (Brisbane) gala dinner on 12 August, 2017.

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