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The years end is coming up fast and we’ve entered prime competition time. Our October competition is the Selling Submission!

What is it?

Writing a submission package to an editor or agent is an important skill to master for any upcoming writer. Even for seasoned writers it’s necessary! You definitely want to impress if you want those in the industry to sit up and take notice of you and your work.

This contest asks you to submit a query letter, synopsis and blurb. For the blurb think about the best back copy from books, the teaser that entices you to buy one novel over another.

Click here for more information on entering!

Meet 2018 winner Kerrie Starbuck

Kerrie Starbuck and gorgeous pupper friend

Kerrie in her own words:

I’m a voracious reader of contemporary romance novels, but will read pretty much anything with a happy ending. I’ve been a member of the Romance Writers of Australia for over 10 years, and hope to see my own name published on the cover of a romance novel one day. In the meantime, I write under the strict supervision of my gorgeous Groodle pupper (see photo) and nosy Norwegian Forest cat. I would say I’m an “emerging writer” having won several contests, successfully pitched to editors, and submitted my WIP to a number of publishers, but an actual contract remains sadly elusive… for now!

What do you think about RWA contests and what benefit did you receive from entering the Selling Submission contest?

I love entering contests run by RWA as the feedback is always detailed, considerate, and helpful, and has really helped me target where my WIP needs work – a huge thank you to all our lovely volunteer judges!

I can often be found procrasti-lurking on Facebook, Twitter, or updating my website. So come say hi & tell me what you’re reading… at this point my TBR pile is taller than two Fabio’s, so what’s a few more? #amreadingALLtheromance  😉 d

You can find Kerrie at:



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