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Find out how RWA can offer you incredible social media promotional opportunities – as part of your annual membership!

RWA Blog

We’ve been looking for opportunities to expand the organisation’s social media channels and challenge our knowledge of the online space. Our first focus was updating the RWA Blog and finding cool, interesting content to share with our members and a wider digital audience. We currently have 16 members who contribute to the blog on a monthly basis. These articles get pushed out to our social media channels, which gives the contributors the opportunity to also share their work to their networks. They’re also sent to our membership email database – just in case you missed it!

We’re keen to continue to grow this space. We’ll place any call outs for contributors on our RWA Facebook Community Group.

RWA Facebook

We have several channels through Facebook that we use to connect with and engage members.

RWA Facebook page

The official RWA Facebook page is currently our main social media tool. With over 3100 likes, we’re consistently reaching over 5000 people on a weekly basis. Alongside RWA official announcements and industry-specific news, we also use this page provide the following promotional opportunities for our members:

Member Monday

Every Monday, we feature two member websites on our main page and encourage our followers to like, and share their details with their networks.

#whyiwrite Wednesday

Each Wednesday, we feature a quotational graphic featuring a reason that one of our members writes. This includes the author’s name, and a tag (where possible) to their Facebook author page.


Every Friday, we feature an image of a member’s new release as we kick off the weekend. This includes the author’s name, a tag (where possible) to their Facebook author page, and one link to where people can purchase their book.

Weekend Reads

Each week we will feature a list of books, their authors, and their purchase links for people looking for new books across the weekend.

RWA Facebook Community Group

This is a closed group that is only accessible by RWA members. Not only is it an incredibly supportive and inspirational community to be part of, but it is also the place where we put the call-out for the opportunities to promote on our official RWA Facebook page listed above.

Other RWA social media channels

RWA also has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The Online Communications portfolio for RWA is a large one. Time, skills, and effort must be dedicated to building each social media channel in order for them to be truly effective. At this stage, RWA is focusing on the blog and Facebook, with social media ‘shared’ to (but content not being created specifically for) our other social media channels. We will be expanding these networks in the near future.

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