We have put together an amazing Author Day program for those of you who are published on Friday 14 August 2020. We listened to our members about what they want and can announce the following sessions with more to come:

How to Advertise without Gambling with Bryan Cohen

Did you know that there’s a simple strategy to figure out if your Book Description works? It takes a dash of math and a cup of patience, but if you know the formula, you may never promote a book that’ll lose money ever again. 
In a whirlwind talk with tonnes of real-life examples, Amazon Ad School Founder and Best Page Forward CEO Bryan Cohen will help you understand the most important statistic in self-publishing. 
Dust off your TI-82 graphing calculator and get ready to take some sweet, sweet author action.

Estate Planning for Authors with Morgan Solomon from Solomon Hollett Lawyers

What happens to your artistic legacy after you die? Or if you lose mental capacity? Estate planning is more complex than ever before – but for authors there are additional and unique challenges.
Together we shall look at the most common wills and estate issues (and hopefully bust a few myths along the way). But we shall also focus on issues unique to authors; control and licensing of your artistic legacy, inheriting copyrights and royalties.

Finance for Authors with Bob Poolman from Poolman Taxation

For some authors, numbers aren’t their strong suite but Bob Poolman’s workshop aims to demystify and simply finance. He’ll explain recordkeeping requirements of taxation expenses claimable by authors and run through a list of possible expenses claimable.
He’ll also talk about special taxation concessions for people engaged in the Arts, specifically authors, address general money matters and answer any and all of your questions, so come prepared.