A not-to-miss OWL for those considering self-publishing | Donna Munro

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Two years ago, I released my first book The Zanzibar Moon. It wasn’t the only manuscript I had written, six are filed away. Some had been sent to publishers and rejected over many years. I admit I did not send them out enough, but I was working full-time, a mum and other things got in the way of my publishing dream. Turning 52 made me devise a plan. I found at that point in my life I desperately wanted to hold my own book. It was time. With a background in graphic design and small publishing, I was confident I could self-publish. I promised myself that I would do it. Within six months I did.

When I finally held The Zanzibar Moon in my hand, it was emotional, to say the least. I pulled that first book out of the box, rubbed the cover, stared at it, turned it over, re-read the blurb, ran my fingers down the spine, flipped through the pages – all while my husband held his breath.
“Are they okay,” my non-reading man asked.

My reply was to happy dance around my dining room while my son whipped out his iPhone and videoed my squeals of delight. Within moments the tears began to fall down my cheeks. “Are they happy tears,” my son asked.

Between sobs, I confirmed that they were tears of happiness as I hugged them both. My husband said, with a sweet touch of pride in his voice, “You’ve done it. You’re a published author. I’m so proud of you.”
And I had done it. What a relief! What joy, delight and pride! That ‘wow’ moment I experienced can be yours too. Join my course, and you’ll soon be doing an emotive, euphoric jig with your own book.

Even for someone with the knowledge to publish there was plenty to learn on the way (there always is). Last year I released the prequel to The Zanzibar Moon, Kendwa’s Secret, showcasing improvements in my self-publishing journey (especially editing). I aim to share the process, pitfalls and highlights of how you can self-publish the easy way – in twelve steps (with extras).

The course is about print-on-demand (POD) paperbacks and eBooks, how to register, format, print and release your book. I’ll provide easy instructions for you to follow, even if you have never designed a book before. If you have medium to advanced computer skills, you’ll breeze through this OWL.

You will receive a full-colour, 100-page manual you can use as a desk tool while you self-publish. The manual has screenshots showing how to complete the processes and lots of graphics. You’ll also be able to download templates for your writing business. They include a Book Publishing Progress Report, ISBN Table, Book-Layout template, Excel Book Sales List, Excel Accounting Database, Marketing Checklist, sample AIS, sample Press Release, Publishing Checklist, Useful Websites and Apps, Motivating Mantras and more.

Course Dates: 1 to 28 April, 2019
Cost: RWA Member—$55. Non-RWA Member—$88.
Venue: Online – RWA Moodle Platform
Booking link: www.trybooking.com/ZRWC

Donna Munro is the indie author of two adventure romance novels and a successful freelance writer who has been published in national magazines. She has a background in publishing, book marketing, graphic design, printing, WordPress/Wix websites and ghostwriting. She helps other writers aspire to publication through her website www.warmwittywords.com.au

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