Self Publishing for Success

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Self publishing is a skill that every author should have in their toolbox. Although the market has changed and become a lot more crowded since those heady early days of self publishing, it’s important knowledge.

To paraphrase a recent article from Just Publishing advice, romance novels are dominating the self publishing arena with Smashwords stating, “it is quite startling to discover how dominant self-published romance novels have become. In short, the romance genre accounts for a staggering 87% of the top 100 bestsellers on Smashwords and their aggregators.”

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It’s a difficult market with midlist writers being dropped from the big five, making it almost impossible for newer writers to break in. One of the ways to do this is to self publish, gather a following and have the figures to prove it.

Kerrie Patterson said, “I took Cathleen Ross’s self-publishing course in early 2015. This course gave me the courage and the skills to begin self-publishing. I now have 4 self-published books, including Reach for the Stars, one of the popular Bindarra Creek series, with more books to come. My self-published books led me to win an ARRA in 2015 for Favourite New Author. I believe having these books behind me also helped me gain a contract with Escape Publishing in 2016. Without taking the leap into self-publishing, and the validation that has given me, my books may never have seen by anyone.”

SE Gilchrist said, “When I first thought about organising a group writing venture, one of the major reasons behind the idea was to foster confidence in some friends who were teetering on the brink of giving up writing or were delaying subbing to a publisher because they didn’t think they were ready. So I sold the idea of self-publishing as part of a group where we could all support and help each other. What was an amazing bonus was that our series became a best seller in the Australian small-town romance market. I believe that success is instrumental in many of our group continuing on with self-publishing; for example Susanne Bellamy has since released two of her own series and Kerrie Paterson has released one series with another stand alone book. Our next group venture, Mindalby Outback Romance, which incorporated seven members from the first series, was taken up by Escape / Mira – quite possibly off the strength of our first success. Not only has self-publishing launched writing careers for our members, but our ventures also forged wonderful friendships. What’s not to love?”

It gives me great pleasure to see my students take off and produce books that do well for them, or publish books that may not fit publisher lists but are ones the authors dearly wanted to write.

Romance Writer of Australia founder, Enisa Haines said, “If you’re looking to self-publish but are unsure what to do, then Cathleen Ross’s self-publishing course, with easy-to-follow information and practical activities, is a must! Cathleen’s enthusiasm in sharing all she knew, her encouragement and ongoing support sure inspired us, giving us the courage to go it alone. Thank you, Cathleen, for helping bring our anthology ‘A Very Aussie Christmas’ to life.” The Breathless group.

I want to stress, this course is not difficult. It’s five easy steps, so it you want to take your power back and publish, it’s time!

When Cathleen Ross self-published her first Forbidden Fantasy in 2011, it started selling immediately. In the last six years she’s seen her sales figures double and out earn any publisher earnings she’s received. A teacher, mentor and editor of writers, she’s determined to empower others.

Cathleen is presenting Self-Publishing for Beginners, RWA OWL in November 2018. Registrations now open. $55 for members and $88 for non-members. Bookings can be made here.

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