Volunteer of the Month | Karina Coldrick

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Karina started writing Empire Strikes Back fan fiction as a seven year-old and hasn’t stopped writing since. Her work has won awards in Australia and the USA, including the Valerie Parv Award in 2014.

Karina Coldrick

Originally from Perth, WA, she met her husband-to-be when studying in the UK and they have since lived in Ireland and Australia. After deciding their lives had too much sunshine and not enough castles, Karina and her family moved to live in the heart of the Emerald Isle, close to the river Shannon. They love the area so much, she and her husband have recently started giving tours.

Writing, however, can be a little lonely, especially when your nearest neighbours moo. To stay connected, Karina took on the role of Emerging Author Ambassador for Romance Writers of Australia. That was so much fun, she now also coordinates the Valerie Parv Award competition (secretly this is so she can get a sneak-peek at new minions first). 

She blames Terry Pratchett for her love of author hats.

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