Confessions of a Romance Writer | What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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Before you get all excited and start explaining your great plans for the coming year, ones that are sure to be fabulous, I wanted to confess.

After all, this is Confessions of a Romance Writer. So I’m confessing. Out loud. In writing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m usually eager to put my best foot forward, determined to keep to my good intentions and succeed. Properly this year. Not like last year or the year before that, where by March I’d forgotten all about what I’d set out to do because something new, or more interesting had come along. Or I was just too lazy, or thought it had all became too hard, to bother trying.

That’s how my New Year’s resolutions generally end up. Forgotten. Lost. Uncompleted. And, just so you know, this year’s resolution is to write another romance story.

But these plans will have to wait. I won’t be getting around to doing any new writing for at least a month. Maybe longer. You see, I’ll be spending most of January biting my nails and second-guessing what the comments on my current story will be like, waiting for their return. And I’m not expecting they’ll be “Oh, this is a fantastic story”. I can hope that’s what they’ll be like, but I’ll have to wait and see.

But why can’t I write another story while I’m waiting, you ask?

Sure, I know plenty of authors who do that. They’ll be editing one story, finishing off another, while plotting the next. I have no idea how they do this. I envy them. And I wish I could do that, too. But I can’t.

I can’t write more than one story at a time.

Maybe it’s the editor in me. Maybe I really do have a one-track mind when it comes to writing. Maybe, everything else ceases to exist until I’m satisfied. Completely satisfied it’s the best it can be. This probably stems from my professional pride. Or my own insecurities. But until that story is back, and whatever comments have been devoured and mulled over, I won’t be starting another one. Until the current manuscript is changed, altered or fixed to my satisfaction, I won’t be able to fulfil my plans to write a new story.

So much for my New Year’s resolutions.

But what about yours? Are you one of those enviable people who manages to achieve their goals every year? Or are you like me, and struggle to achieve your good intentions?

Wendy Davies

Wendy adores riding her pedal-assist electric bike. And living in Melbourne means she has easy access to some incredible bike paths and Victoria’s extensive rail trails.

She runs her own editing and communications business and is often found reading her Kindle, immersed in a romance story. She makes her own jewellery. And enjoys travelling with her husband, where she often indulges in taking the odd landscape photograph.

Wendy lives her life with every intention of leaving this world laughing and shouting “what a great ride this have been”.

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  1. Let me just say that my other resolutions for the coming year include: loosing weight; getting fit; becoming a nicer person; and doing more for my community. You know, the usual stuff. All that is in addition to writing another romance story!
    And yes, I would love to know what you have planned for the year ahead as well. 🙂

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