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  • Nikki Logan

    “Bootcamp, Critique Register, Roadshow… without these I would still be beavering away in isolation writing mistargeted, hybrid, wrong-length manuscripts on flimsy paperstock with irredeemable heroes and overly complicated plots. I cannot imagine a single thing on the ‘must have’ list that RWAus does not supply to anyone who needs it.”
  • Claire Boston

    “I joined RWA ten years ago when I knew my manuscript wasn’t any good, but had no idea how to fix it. Through RWA I found my critique group, and a whole network of writers who share their knowledge generously. I wouldn’t have got published as quickly if I hadn’t joined. I can’t recommend RWA highly enough to every writer I meet.”
  • Rachael Johns

    “I joined RWA after almost ten years of floundering around in the dark with my writing. I had a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in writing behind me, yet I still hadn’t grasped the fundamental components of writing a good story. RWA changed my life – through their conferences, forums, monthly newsletter, contests and the network of professionals I met, I finally found the tools to get serious with my writing. RWA is the most supportive writing organisation I have ever been involved with and I owe my publication and writing career to it.”