Short courses: 

4 week online courses (Structured like the previous OWLs and rebranded as Short Courses).

Please note, to get the most out of the courses, participants should be available and active in the course during the month in which it is to run. Presenters will also be active and available to answer questions and provide feedback on course activities during that time. Interaction between presenters and participants beyond the course end date will cease, though participants will have access to course materials for a further month. Also, to enable the registration process to be completed in a timely manner, as of June, course enrolments will close five days before the official course start date. 

One-on-one courses: 

One-on-one online course with presenter on a focus topic with varied duration depending on program.

Please note, participants must be available and active in these courses for the month in which they enrol, as this is when presenters will expect to interact with them. Interaction between presenters and participants and access to materials may extend beyond the end date for the course, though this is at the presenter’s discretion.