Our committee spread across Australia from one side to the other. Several meetings a year are held via online teleconference, with two face-to-face meetings held in August, just after our National Conference, and in March.

Each new committee member brings with them a wealth of information from different fields of life and employment, which means that RWA is always changing and growing.

All of our committee members, and indeed everyone who is working with RWA, is a volunteer, apart from our Administrators, Jacinta and Renee. We are proud of our history of volunteer service, and we encourage our members to step forward to make their own mark on RWA.

If you wish to nominate for a Committee position, you can complete the nomination form HERE

Executive Contact Details

  • General enquiries: admin@romanceaustralia.com (Admin)
  • Correspondence: Romance Writers of Australia Inc, PO Box 3474, Mandurah East, WA 6210

Executive Office Bearers (voting members)

Current from February 2024

President: Louisa West
Email: president@romanceaustralia.com

Vice-President: VACANT
Email: vicepresident@romanceaustralia.com

Secretary: Annie Bucknall
Email: secretary@romanceaustralia.com

Treasurer: Fiona Marsden
Email: treas@romanceaustralia.com

Portfolio Contacts:

Member Services: Dannielle Line
Email: members@romanceaustralia.com

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Jack Bridges
Email: dei@romanceaustralia.com

Events: Rachael Johns
Email: events@romanceaustralia.com

Contests: Renae Black
Email: contests@romanceaustralia.com

Marketing: Tanya Nellestein
Email: marketing@romanceaustralia.com

Relationships: Jem Gowen
Email: relationships@romanceaustralia.com

Professional Development: Listya Elliott
Email: pd@romanceaustralia.com