RWA Winners' Gallery

Results for the 2023 contest season will be available after our annual conference in Sydney from 11-13 August 2023. Learn more about the conference here.

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RUBY - Contemporary
Sarah Mayberry

RUBY - Historical
Samara Parish

RUBY - Romantic Suspense
Anna Hackett

RUBY - Speculative
Tanya Bird

RUBY - Novella
Pamela Hart and Isabella Hargreaves

RUBY - Romantic Elements
Kaneana May

Lynne Wilding Award
Julie-Anne Carter

Selling Submission
1st - Nicole Bernard
2nd - Jacinta Peachey / Renae Black
3rd - T. L. Whalan

Ripping Start
1st - Belle Griffin
2nd - Annika Erin
3rd - Lucy Lever

First Kiss
1st - Shannon Farrelly
2nd - Lexi Haven
3rd - A. L. Maze

1st - Carrie Clark
2nd - Jennifer Raines
3rd - Gabriella Margo

1st - Tanya Nellstein
2nd - P. L. Harris
3rd - Wendie Daniels

Sweet Treats – Icecream
1st - Alison Middleton
1st - Jacinta Peachey
1st - Sue-Ellen Pashley

Spicy Bites – Machines

1st - Victoria Brown
2nd - Louisa Duval
2nd - Fiona M Marsden

RUBY - Contemporary
Penelope Janu

RUBY - Historical
Maddison Michaels

RUBY - Romantic Suspense
Aislinn Kearns

RUBY - Speculative
Keri Arthur

RUBY - Romantic Elements
Megan Mayfair

Lynne Wilding Award
Dannielle Line

Selling Submission
1st - Kerrie Starbuck
2nd - Nancy Cunningham
3rd - Clare Griffin

Ripping Start
1st - Suzie Jay
2nd - Samara Parish
3rd - Nichola Caisley

First Kiss
1st - Miranda Morgan
2nd - Emma Hoole
3rd - Dianna Wilson

1st - Bronwyn Hall
2nd - Lisa Stanbridge
3rd - Samara Parish

Emerald Pro
1st - Stella Quinn
2nd - Dakota Harrison
3rd - Caenys Kerr

Valerie Parv
1st - Nette Neville
2nd - Jo Speirs
3rd - Suzie Jay

Little Gems – Tiger’s Eye
1st - Holly Mands
1st - Chelsea Locke
1st - Lisa Stanbridge

Spicy Bites – Masks

1st - Fiona Marsden
2nd - Kristin Silk
2nd - Maisie Whitfield

Romance in the Media (ROMA)
Lauren Sams

RUBY - Long
Anne Gracie

RUBY - Romantic Elements
Suzanne Perazzini

RUBY - Short Sweet
Marion Lennox

RUBY - Short Sexy
Trish Morey

Lynne Wilding Award
Anne Gracie

Single Title and Loving It (STALI)
1st - Allison Withers
2nd - Tess LeSue (Amy Mathews)
3rd - Cathryn Hein

Selling Synopsis
1st - Shannon Stein
2nd - Dayle White
3rd - Amanda (AJ) Macpherson

First Kiss
1st - Enisa Hasic
2nd - Janette Hankinson
3rd - Kylie Short

Emerald Single Title
1st - AJ Macpherson
2nd - Kylie Short
3rd - Kylie Short

Emerald Category
1st - Helen Lacey
2nd - tba
3rd - tba

Valerie Parv Award
1st - Kylie Short
2nd - Melissa Smith
3rd - Kylie Short

High Five
1st - Louise Groarke
2nd - Frances Maslen
3rd - Melissa Smith

Little Gems - Turquoise
1st - Bev Lewis
2nd - Katie Calloway
3rd - Vanda Vadas

Cover Contest
Aggie Tsirikas

Romance in the Media (ROMA)
Lisa Chant & Michelle McLochlan

RUBY - Mainstream
Isolde Martyn

RUBY - Category
Alison Kelly

Lynne Wilding Award
Meredith Webber

Emma Darcy Award
1st Yvonne Lindsay
2nd Nalini Singh
3rd Patricia (Trish) Morey

Opening Chapter and Synopsis
1st - Trish Morey
2nd - Jill Cryan
Encouragement - Fiona Simpson (McArthur), Margaret Holmes

Valentine’s Day  - Romantic Interlude
1st - Maxine Sullivan
2nd - Bernadette Magee
Encouragement - Cindy Bissett, Paula Roe

1st - Angela Dennis
2nd - Frances Gratton

Point of View
1st - Bronwyn Turner (Jameson)
2nd - Paula Roe

Love Scene
1st - Bronwyn Turner (Jameson)
2nd - Alison Leake
3rd - Savannah Wilde