Conference Acknowledgements

Fremantle 2022

Now that the confetti has settled and our party-feet have recovered, RWA would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of the amazing volunteers who contribute to running our annual Conference.

Fremantle 2022 was a sparkling success. For many of us, it was a return to happier times. We relished the freedom and excitement of reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends for the first time, and immersing ourselves in the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that RWA offers.

Running an event of this magnitude is no easy task. Preparations start years before we take our first sip of coffee at the Conference opening plenary. Organising and running the Conference requires the skills and dedication of a local team of very special people.

They’re the ones who thoughtfully plan our program and suggest wonderful VIP guests. They visit empty hotel ballrooms, using their imaginations to plan our magical Cocktail Party and Gala Awards Night. They haul boxes, stuff bags, run raffles, host writing rooms, and welcome newbies, ensuring that everything is perfect and runs as smoothly as possible on the day. And all of this means they are often unable to personally attend the Conference as delegates themselves.

RWA would like to formally acknowledge and thank the following people for their generous contribution towards making Fremantle 2022 the incredible event that it was.

Conference Committee

Danni McLean - Conference Coordinator, Venue Liaison, AV Coordinator 
Rachael Johns - Traditional Bookseller, Raffle, Silent Auction, MC speeches
Lisa Ireland - Newbies, MC speeches
Jacinta Peachey - Pitching, Business Appointments
Dannielle Line - Pitching, Newbies
Miranda Harvey - Graphic design, Volunteer Management, MC
Anthea Hodgson - VIP Liaison
Leah Ashton - Indigenous Sponsorship
Catherine Geurds - Registration, Newbies, Admin

Event Volunteers

Savannah Blaize, Ally Blake, Steve Blake, Vicki Brown, Laurelle Cousins, Peta Crake, Nancy Cunningham, Shannon Curtis, Beverley Eikli, Peta Flannigan, Barbara Hatten, Natalie Harlond, Rebecca Heath, Heather Hodgson, Libby Iriks, Amanda Knight, Rebecca Laffar-Smith, Leisl Leighton, Maya Linnell, Fiona Lowe, Emily Madden, Kaneana May, Stephanie Mayne, Shelagh Merlin, Sue-Ellen Pashley, Sue Price, Stella Quinn, Kenny Raine, Cathleen Ross, Romy Steffel, Julie Weaver, Louisa West, Liia White, and Allison Withers.

RWA Core Committee

Tracey Rosen - President
Wendy Davies - Vice President
Jem McCusker - Secretary
Bridie Smith - Treasurer
Sofia Aves - Marketing
Julie-Anne Carter - Professional Development
Kim Lambert - IT Manager
Kristine Charles - Contests
Karen Turner - Member Services


Ingram Spark


Venue - The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
RWA Indie Bookstore - Ebony McKenna, Catherine Bilson, Heidi Wessman Kneale and Tanya Nellstein
Traditional Bookstore - New Edition Book Shop, Fremantle

Sydney 2023 Conference Team

RWA would also like to take this opportunity to formally introduce and welcome the following people who have kindly volunteered to be part of the Sydney 2023 Conference Committee: 

Sarah Begg - Conference Coordinator
Erin Moira O’Hara - Assistant Conference Coordinator 
Penelope Janu - Newbie Coordinator
Cathleen Ross - VIP Coordinator
Gillian Clive/Clyve Rose - VIP Coordinator
Pam Sewell - Program and Workshop Coordinator
Gail Phillips - Program and Workshop Coordinator
Lucy Lever - Pitch Coordinator
Karen Lieversz - Event Volunteer