Romance Australia has established a Sub Committee to guide and support diversity and inclusion at RWA.

Mission Statement

To represent authors from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and authors writing about diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The Sub Committee’s working definition of diverse encompasses all ages, cultures, ethnicities, social backgrounds, neurodiverse and physical abilities and attributes, all genders, and all sexual identities.


  • To build and maintain a genuine culture of inclusiveness.
  • To better serve RWA members from diverse backgrounds.
  • To support and foster the same opportunities and access to opportunities for diverse authors, authors of diverse romance, and #ownvoices that exist for mainstream romance writers.
  • To recognise the diversity of our society, and to work to create a safe place that will attract RWA members from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives.
  • To institute specific, measurable actions that increase diversity and inclusiveness at both the membership and leadership levels.
  • To ensure that RWA’s ongoing engagement with the publishing industry encourages diversity.


Membership to the subcommittee is open year-round. We invite any interested members of RWA to join the Sub Committee by sending an EOI email.

Jack Bridges

Alexandra Almond
Alyce Caswell
Caitlin Ryan
Louisa West
Sandra Damvski
Jacinta Goodsell

Get in touch

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The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sub Committee members have compiled a list of resources for members of Romance Writers of Australia. Practical guides, writing resources and references are featured including preferred language to use, websites that give detail to diverse focus areas of physical ability, sexual and gender identity, videos on challenging ageism are amongst some on the list.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at Harlequin

A diversity, equity and inclusion update from Harlequin. This June 2022 blogpost is an update on what Harlequin is doing to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in our publishing programs.

Resource library

Update Coming Soon!

As new resources are published or become known to us, we will continue to add to this list. To keep the list current, the Sub Committee will review it annually.

We invite your contributions, and to advise of updates needed, please email the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sub Committee.