A Thrilling Guide to Producing Awesome Book Trailers

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A Thrilling Guide to Producing Awesome Book Trailers

Presenter: CT Green/PressedPear

(Spielberg eat your heart out!)
Whether you’re a novice or more seasoned writer (mmm, seasoned), most authors face a major challenge: ‘How to successfully promote hundreds of pages of written text into one effective cover image, blurb, post, tweet…’. So how does a creative, motivated and talented writer (yep, we mean you!) bring a story to life? To engage with the reader, immersing them into the world of your fantastically crafted book?

The answer is simple: You create a Book Trailer of epic awesomeness!

Video has become such a powerful marketing tool, that according to Statista. 2017, “… more than 80 percent of global internet users had visited YouTube in the last month”.  If you can take advantage of just a small piece of this with the book trailer we show you how to create, you could not only make a huge impact on the success of your book, but you are also building your brand at the same time. (And you don’t even need an alien on a bicycle or a beard!)

Participants will learn how to create high quality HD book trailer videos, that can be posted to various sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook as well as learning how to embed their video on their own website.

The course requires students to download free software to create the book trailer. The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Note: This is a course pre-requisite, the software is industry standard, safe and free to use. You will be guided through the download process.

There will be 3 learning modules over the first three weeks with a final project to be completed in the fourth week that incorporates what is learnt throughout the entirety of the course.

This course will be tailored for any genre, meaning that the end of the course participants will be able to create their own HD trailer for their book, whether it is published or still a WIP.

There are 3 major benefits to participants enrolled in this course:
a. The course caters for both novice and more seasoned writers; we literally hold your hand on this (well, not quite literally, that would be weird), so if you’re new to using video and audio making software don’t worry! There will be a comprehensive introduction to the various software used. We’ll be providing detailed explanations of each element in creating a high-quality book trailer with step-by-step ‘How to Guides’.
b. In each week’s module, we introduce participants to various stages in creating a HD book trailer, from learning ‘What’ and ‘How’ to best utilize the pre-production phase to create a beautiful HD quality book trailer
c. At the end of completing this comprehensive 4-week course, authors will be able to produce their very own HD quality book trailers.

Key learning objectives:
• Sourcing high quality royalty free music, images and video required for the creation for their book trailer.
• Sourcing movie-editing software for both Windows and Mac.
• How to create a storyboard and shot list for their trailer for the pre-production phase.
• How to use free software to create image boards for their trailer.
• How to use audio editing software to cut and splice music and audio and export to later add it to their trailer.

What makes this course unique is that by the end the four weeks, participants will be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
• Demonstrate competency in fundamental digital video and audio editing and production skills.
• Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental video and audio design principles.
• Apply knowledge and understanding about audio and video and their application in contemporary digital content industries, i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

By the end of the course, so long as participants follow instructions in a timely fashion, they will have designed and compiled a high-quality book trailer they will be able to use immediately for their own purposes.

About the presenter
Multi-award winning, New York published author C.T. Green worked in advertising for ten years before she became a writer. She has a Bachelor of Arts with majors in communication and literature. C.T. Green now lives in regional Australia with her husband, children and extensive collection of animals, including the world’s bossiest goldfish. In between writing, she reads, gardens, drinks Russian Caravan tea, kid wrangles, plays Skyrim and avoids the goldfish. She is a 2014 ARRA finalist for Favourite Paranormal Romance. You will find her here http://www.ctgreen-author.com/ at her author blog and at http://chevallum.wordpress.com.


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