Quickly Learn Aeon Timeline for Fiction Writers & Authors

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Course Dates: 30th January – 26 February 2017

Cost: RWA-Member – $30.00 Non RWA-Member – $80.00

Presenter: Kylie Ross

Quick Learn Aeon Timeline is an online course that is logically laid out and covers all the features within Aeon Timeline 2. Created for all types of writers, Fiction and Non-Fiction, this course takes you through the basics of Aeon Timeline and then gives you Ninja skills with practical real world examples and bonus templates you can make your own. If you don’t already, you’ll come to love brainstorming and plotting your timelines and then sync to Scrivener and begin writing faster!

Aeon Timeline is a brilliant timeline application that has been developed specifically for writers of any genre. Participants will learn how to create, manage and customise a timeline to suit their particular writing style and genre. Utilising Aeon Timeline allows writers to visually view their manuscript in its entirety as well as the ability to zoom in on sections for simple sense checking and editing. Recording character details (including age if required), locations, story ARC’s and much more gives the writer a great set of tools to self-manage and self-edit their manuscript during the writing process as well as the important ability to quickly view the next scene in the story. The ability to sync Aeon Timeline with Scrivener is an added bonus that participants can learn to enable an efficient transfer of data from the brainstorming/plotting session to quickly create scene headings ready to start writing in Scrivener.

The course would be spread over 4 weeks and begin with a 1 hour Live Webinar each week where I will demo the topics for that week. Users can also ask questions and gain responses/feedback from me. In addition to this I have a website with this online course and it will be available to participants, via a secure login, to work through the video tutorials in their own time if they wish. My version of training includes a detailed step by step approach that explains each feature and provides examples of how it can be used for Fiction writers/authors. The tutorials are pre-recorded video’s, with transcripts of the videos included and where applicable, downloadable examples. I also have a private Facebook group should members wish to join and also ask questions of the group and of me after the OWL has ended. The course is a mix of live and video watching and the Live Webinar will be recorded for anyone that missed the live event.

About the presenter

Kylie Ross enjoys writing Romantic Fiction and is currently writing a Paranormal Romance series. She is a retired accountant, and spent many years travelling as a financial software implementation consultant living a fun life working hard in the corporate world. Kylie was born in Australia and also lived in New Zealand, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. She splits her time between running a kids craft activity website, and writing as much as this allows.

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