The Dark Art of the Blurb with Ainslie Paton

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Course Dates: 1–28 May, 2017
Cost: RWA Member—$30. Non-RWA Member—$80.
They are tricky those few sparkling sentences, groovy phrases and quick-baked emotions that comprise a blurb.
They’re the pitch, the deal, the promise and the shortcut to satisfaction. Like a cover, they can heavily influence a book buyer’s perceptions and actions. Powerful for all their 150-word punch because of their ability to make us do things: one-click that link, open that wallet, pay that pal, read that sucker.
Blurb-writing uses the techniques of copywriting, and the more you blurb, the easier it gets.
Come learn the dark arts.
Course would deliver over three weeks. Workshop to be delivered in four parts:
Part 1: Seven steps to crafting a blurb.  Handout and discussion
Part 2: Additional content and submit your blurb for a critique.  This is the homework section.  Each participant should submit and receive a critiqued blurb by email. (Not mandatory, but participants will get more out of the process by acting)
Part 3: All initial and revised blurbs to be shared in a forum for reference.
Part 4: Final online forum discussion on learnings. No new content.
Reading of materials would take 1-2 hours a week, but the actual crafting of a blurb might take many hours and that will depend on the individual participant.
About the Presenter:
Ainslie Paton works as a copywriter and corporate storyteller. She’s crap at descriptive language and sentences with more than 40 words but kills it with blurbs.
With those limitations, she’s somehow managed to write and publish over 25 contemporary romances. She’s a hybrid author and you can learn more at www.