Aspiring Writer Membership

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An author who is developing/writing a romance/romantic elements manuscript, developing their understanding of the craft and/or thinking about or actively entering contests. You may not yet know what length or what genre you will focus on.

Aspiring members have access to competitions, the monthly newsletter, forums, writing groups and critique partners and the annual conference.


  1. I am an aspiring writer and a member of 2544
    I was wondering if I could join your e-loop if I may..
    I am currently searching for West Aussie or maybe not, beta readers or critique partners ..
    I have written 3 novels and it’s time to stop writing and start producing????

  2. Hi!
    I’m a member of RWA (#2014) and a finalist in this year’s Ripping Start competition. I’m also being published in our Denim anthology this year, and am currently working on an anthology with 3 other RWA members (exciting times).
    I’m hoping to have my first full-length MS done and (fingers crossed) for sale by Feb 2022!

  3. Hi, I’m an RWA member and enquiring about the aspiring writers e-loop please.

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