Author Spotlight – Michelle Douglas

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Author Michelle Douglas

How did you discover you wanted to be a writer? 

Books were my very favourite things when I was a little girl, which meant writers were my heroes. From about the age of seven onward I would announce to all and sundry that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. 

What did you do to actively pursue writing? (Joining RWAus, Mentorship etc) 

Joining RWAus was one of the best things I did for my writing—so much craft and industry information! I read an awful lot of how-to writing books, which was also a brilliant thing to do (I still do this). The most important thing I did, though, was sit down and write. Nothing teaches you how to be a writer more than sitting down and writing a book. And making sure you finish it!

What do you find are the advantages of being part of RWAus? 

I love the pitching opportunities the annual conference provides, as well as the networking. The craft and industry information can be invaluable. I think the competitions and the opportunities they provide are really valuable as well. Some of the best friends I have I made through RWAus.

What is your favourite genre and why? 

Contemporary romance, rom-coms, and I’ve recently become an avid reader of romantasy. The former probably because it’s a fantasy set in the here and now. And the former because it’s about as far from reality as one can get!

Share a little about your writing process? 

My day is pretty structured when I’m drafting a book. I’m at my desk at 8 am and I write until 11 am. I won’t answer the door, I won’t answer the phone—all I do in that time is write. I also write longhand, so there’s no email or internet to distract me either and I don’t check those before sitting down to write. There’s something about not allowing the day to intrude and to take space up in my brain.

Tell us about your book… 

It’s an enemies-to-lovers marriage of convenience set on vast outback cattle station. Think red dirt, rivers and gullies, cantering through the grey gums…and a particularly memorable waterhole. We have a ridiculously capable heroine and a hero with shoulders as wide as the horizon. This is book four in the Wed in the Outback series with Ally Blake, Rachael Stewart, and Kandy Shepherd. An ancient will stipulation, four sisters who’ll move heaven and earth to make each other’s dreams come true, and four men who prove worthy of them. We’re ridiculously excited about the series! 

Marrying Her Outback Enemy


 Rose has put everything into running her family’s farm, so she’s furious that her father’s will states she must marry to keep it! All she can do is propose—to anyone. She picks Lincoln—her neighbor, her enemy and the man she once shared a pulse-racing moment of passion with… She offers him a coveted plot of land in return—but she’s still surprised when he says yes to making her his billion-dollar bride!

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Author Bio:

Michelle is an award-winning author who has been writing for iconic romance publisher Harlequin Mills & Boon since 2007. In 2019 she completed a Creative Writing PhD in Popular Romance and Feminism. She’s a sucker for happy endings, heroines who have a secret stash of chocolate, and heroes who know how to laugh. She lives in Newcastle with her own romantic hero, a house full of dust and books, and an eclectic collection of 60s and 70s vinyl.

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