First Kiss Competition Announcement

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When we think of a protagonist and their first kiss with their love interest, what we expect is romantic tension, that push-push, pull-pull, pull-push feeling. You know the one, the barely there kiss, the surprise kiss, the mistaken kiss, the heartfelt kiss, the angry kiss, all depending on the set up the author has given us.

What the first kiss does is make us want more- prepare us for what is to come and make us cheer for the characters, the story and for many more kisses!

The First Kiss Competition is an opportunity for authors to showcase that romantic tension.

And the finalists are…

Charlotte Anne

ND Campbell

Nancy Cunningham

Tina Farrelly

Mindy Graham

HM Hodgson.


The finalist entries will now be heading off to Rachael Donovan of Harlequin for final judging.

Good LUCK!


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