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May has arrived and so has the winter chill. We have said goodbye to summer dresses, long days filled with sunshine and the background reverberation of cicadas at night. Winter is almost here, but that’s okay, because our Member’s New Releases will keep us warm.

The opportunity to explore and celebrate our sexuality is one of the keystones our genre rests upon. Our ability to discover ourselves as sexual beings through the prism of Romance gives us a means to delve deeper into ourselves and our world. Romance has such a strong voice in this void, and it is crucial that we continue to provide a platform for it to flourish and grow.

The love left behind
by Daniel De Lorne

As I browsed the magnificent covers on offer, I was drawn immediately to one in particular. This month, we welcome Daniel De Lorne with The Love Left Behind published with Escape Publishing to the Cover Crush Family. This cover is bold, courageous, and openly shares the beauty and power of love and romance in its perfect form. There are no hints here, no subtle suggestion of what story may be found within these pages. The combination of striking typeface and imagery is a triumph. I know that sometimes, as authors and readers of the genre, we can become desensitised to such imagery, but in the big bad world, this type of picture can often still be considered taboo, and it shouldn’t be. Because this is love my friends; glorious, tender, humbling love.

As a genre, we still have a long way to go in many areas, but there are places we have pushed boundaries, opened doors and allowed voices and stories to shine through. This is all embodied in this wonderful cover.

So, well done Daniel and Escape and welcome to the Cover Crush Family.

If RWA members would like to get their covers into Heart’s Talk, just log into your account on the RWA website and upload your image before the 8th of each month.

If you’re interested in reading my previous cover crush nominations, you can find them on the Romance Writers Australia website.

Until next month…

– Annabelle

Annabelle McInnes

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From the age of sixteen, Annabelle lived in a youth refuge while she remained committed to her education. She spent two years within a section of humanity that society overlooks.

Her experiences are the foundations that drive her stories and her characters. They fight for their freedoms, have courage in the face of adversity and will ultimately, always aspire for greatness.

Annabelle is privileged to spend her time writing with a backdrop of Canberra’s iconic landmarks and admiring its distinct and captivating change of seasons. Outside of her love for reading, she spends every free moment with her husband, son and her poodle named Serendipity. She drinks her whisky neat and is known to scour the local markets in an attempt to find the best blue cheese available.

Website: Annabelle McInnes

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