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Part 2:

**Trigger warning: Domestic violence **

Lyn and Dave

Lyn and Charles had invited Dave and Sue over for an informal barbeque dinner. Lyn stood at their outdoor dining suite which she’d decorated to an inch of its life. There were bright yellow napkins wrapped around the cutlery, matching the yellow gerberas in a vase at the centre of the table.  Small tea light candles scattered across the table top gave the outdoor space a lovely ambience. Lyn was proud of how lovely it looked.

The wonder of the outdoor space didn’t last long. Charles came storming into the garden, letting the screen door bang behind him. He stopped and glared down at the table before his eyebrows dropped into a frown.

“What’s all this then?” he snapped, turning to face Lyn.

“Oh it was nothing. I just thought I might spruce up the old table a touch,” she managed to stutter out. The shift in Charles’ mood had the hair on her arms standing on end. She knew this look and tensed her shoulders, waiting expectantly for the swing of his hand.

“How much of my hard-earned money did you waste on this crap then?” He stepped closer to her, towering above her 5 foot frame.

She dared not move a muscle and continued to stare at the spot on the ground where there was a small chip in the cement.

“Nothing love. It was all just things we had laying around. I thought it might be nice to –“

“Why are you trying to get fancy all of a sudden? Is the Queen coming?”

She didn’t answer so he continued, his voice rising more with each new accusation. “Well? You think you’re too good for us now do you?”

He lifted his hand in the air and Lyn squeezed her eyes shut tight. Here we go. God please give me the strength to endure what is about to come.

“G’day everyone. We rang the doorbell but no one answered. We assumed you must have been out the back.” It was Dave’s voice. Lyn peaked out through one eye and saw Charles had now turned away from her. She let out her breath. Although she was under no pretence that she had avoided the beating, merely delayed it until later, she was thankful all the same.

“Dave! How are you old mate?” Charles greeted them. “And Sue, looking gorgeous as ever.”

Lyn fought not to roll her eyes. Such a schmoozer.

Dave glanced past Charles and met Lyn’s eyes. “Evening Lyn. What a lovely dress and oh my, that table.” He turned back to Charles. “You have a talented wife there Charles.”

Charles grumbled an inaudible reply before offering their guests a seat. Lyn popped into the kitchen to grab the salads while the meat sizzled on the barbeque. Dave looked gorgeous in his summer trousers and pastel shirt. Heat singed at the tips of her ears but she couldn’t help smiling at her own silliness. Acting like a teenager at the mere sight of Dave. It was ridiculous. She was ridiculous.

The night went well at first and the conversation flowed. Charles and Sue got through at least one bottle of wine between them, and Dave and Lyn shared the pitcher of juice. Sue was being her usual vicious self, yelling at Dave throughout the night. Lyn’s heart hurt, manifesting in real physical pain. Poor Dave. He deserved better. He deserved the world. But like her, he believed in the sanctity of marriage and was in for life.

Charles was busy bragging to Sue about his latest promotion as Sue batted her fake lashes and oo’d and ahh’d in all the right places. Dave winked at Lyn across the table and rolled his eyes, jokingly indicating Charles. She threw him a tiny grin and reached for the pitcher of cranberry juice, but Dave reached at the same time and they managed to tip it over, spilling the contents all over the table and each other.

Charles jumped up from the table, rage consuming him. He automatically backhanded Lyn across the cheek in one foul swoop. He’d acted on impulse and seemed to realise suddenly what he’d done in front of his friends. He glanced from Sue to Dave and back again before his glare finally fell on Lyn who had been knocked to the ground. No one said a word and the air prickled in shock.

To Be Continued…

Adelaide author Suzie Jay grew up within walking distance from the beach, dreaming of life as a famous author or Johnny Farnham’s back-up singer. After a stint as a teacher and stay at home mum, she decided to make her dream a reality, writing romance- not singing, because she can’t hold a tune. She didn’t give up on Johnny all together and in her spare time sings along to 80’s hits, bakes and binges on Netflix with her own knight in shining armour- who’s

more likely to wear tattered footy jumpers than chainmail.

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  1. I really enjoyed this snippet, and want to read more. Especially the part where Charles gets what he deserves, an Dave and Lyn can finally get together.

  2. Thanks Savannah and Jan. I loved this story. It probably helped that it was told in a gorgeous thick Scottish accent. 🙂

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