Red Hot Summer Reads

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It won’t be long and summer will be gone for 2020, so before it does, pull out the sun lounge, grab a refreshing drink in a long tall glass and one of these hot summer reads! Today we feature JL Peridot and Michelle Prak, their books, and their favourite place for summer reading.

It Starts With A Kiss

It Starts With a Kiss by JL Peridot

Celeste is a talented engineer who doesn’t realize her job’s going nowhere fast. She’s a little naïve. She’ll cut code and solder cables forever as long as Owen’s around. Owen, on the other hand, knows exactly how badly things suck—he just doesn’t care. Sure, his skills aren’t what they used to be, but they’re still better than what Halcyon Aries deserves.

Then it happens. The company’s toxic management team finally cross the line. As both techies race to upgrade the station and to free the team from their oppressive contracts, they come to learn that life—and love—can only ever be what you make it.

Strap in for a steamy office romance in space, because sometimes It Starts With a Kiss!

Published by Kyanite Publishing. Available now on Amazon.

JL Peridot’s favourite spot for summertime reading:

Here in Perth, summer spans the local Nyoongar seasons of Birak and Bunuru. I’m a fan of the Aboriginal classification of seasons. It’s very specific to our area, which makes it heaps accurate and rather ideal for wardrobe planning before a day out.

Like when you’re heading to this grassy spot by the Swan River—my favourite spot for a hot summer read, promising warmth, tranquil river sounds, birds in the trees and kids playing in a distant park. In Birak, our “first summer” throughout December and January, the middle part of the day can get hot hot HOT. So you’ll want to bring an over-shirt or light jumper for when the seabreeze kicks in.

A quiet river picnic spot

The “second summer” of February and March, called Bunuru, only gets warmer. But you can expect more blossoms in the trees, stronger nature smells, and slightly more daring birds coming to see what you’ve brought them for a picnic. Consider packing your allergy meds too and bring a bag to hide your goodies in. If you see the crow that stole my KitKat last summer, please ask him to kindly return it.

About JL Peridot

Author JL Peridot

JL Peridot writes sexy, cosmopolitan love stories with sci-fi and retrofuture vibes. In her spare time, she watches movies, plays Dungeons & dragons, and consumes wholesome memes on Twitter. With the help of supportive friends, a loving partner, two bossy cats and a well-used music subscription, she writes and writes from her sunny Perth suburban home.

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The Train Guy

The Train Guy by Michelle Prak

How do you introduce yourself to a stranger?

Charli is obsessed with The Train Guy.

She sees him every weekday waiting for the 8.05am from Roselea Station. She’s convinced he’s the man for her, but Charli is too terrified to introduce herself – look what happened, when she acted bravely with Eddie. Now she’s newly single and needs to take in tenants to help pay the mortgage.

The Train Guy would never hurt her like that. He’s too chivalrous and handsome. He’s perfect.

Isn’t he?

Part rom-com, part chase, The Train Guy is the metropolitan love story you’ve been waiting for.

Available on Amazon.

Michelle Prak’s favourite spot for summertime reading:

Every summer, my family rents a holiday house on the Fleurieu Peninsula for 5-7 nights. It’s a highly popular holiday location because of its pristine beaches. I park myself on the verandah, balcony or whatever sunny spot the holiday house offers, and read the books I received as Christmas gifts. Occasionally I do read on the beach too, but that’s a battle with the wind and the sand – beach views are often better than beach reality! Life’s funny like that.

About Michelle Prak

Author Michelle Prak

Michelle Prak loves writing but she also loves reading, and it’s a struggle to choose between the two each day. She’s a South Australian writer, author of The Train Guy and Goodbye Newsroom. To support her writing habit, she runs her own PR consultancy and was recently made a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia. Michelle also teaches PR subjects at the University of South Australia. She’s currently working on a sequel to Goodbye Newsroom, a standalone dramedy about a wannabe writer, and an Aussie thriller!

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