Red Hot Summer Reads

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Are you ready for a fabulous 2020? Get your romance reads off to a red hot start with some of our members new releases. Today we feature Jayne Kingsley and Samantha Marshall, their books, and their favourite place for summer reading.

When unrequited love gets a makeover, all bets are off.

Loving Lucas by Jayne Kingsley

Miranda Gray has loved Lucas Knight for what seems like forever. Problem is, he barely gives her the time of day. Plus, she’s a long way from the glamourous women constantly parading in and out of his life. 

If only she could find a way to make him notice her … 

Lucas knows what he wants from life, and it doesn’t include getting tangled up in anything resembling a relationship. Particularly with the boss’s daughter. She’s a forever type of girl; he’s more your ‘please leave before breakfast’ kind of guy.

When they’re forced to work together on a project that’s far too close to his old life for comfort, Miranda starts to see that whilst she might have had a fledgeling love for Lucas, real love is something else entirely. 

Sparks are flying but neither are ready to own up to the truth. Can working together bring love back to Lucas’s life? Or will he break Miranda’s heart forever?

Jayne Kingsley

My favourite place for summertime reading would normally be the beach but with two active girls I don’t get a lot of time to open a book when we go there so I’ll go with our couch that looks out over the farm bordering our back yard. It’s a blissful spot!

Jayne Kingsley writes sweet and sexy contemporary romance filled with fashionable and fun heroines and the hunky heroes who capture their hearts. She currently resides on the picturesque south coast of NSW, Australia, with her two young daughters and her own real-life gorgeous hero.

You can find Jayne at:




Twelve years. Two people. One chance.

Aislinn’s Shadow by Samantha Marshall

After more than a decade in Ireland working for the powerful Kin High Council, Aislinn Redding returns to the remote Australian bush she once called home. Rest and relaxation are just what the doctor ordered, but powerful nightmares stalk Aislinn at every turn and not even the space behind her eyelids is safe.

For over ten years, Tobias Greenwood worshipped the sound of Aislinn’s laughter inside his memory. Now, she’s back – but the reality of her presence is far different from that of his dreams. To make matters worse, her scent sparks a primal reckoning that threatens not only Aislinn’s life, but Tobias’ sanity.

Determined to make a new life for herself among the pack, Aislinn dismisses Tobias’ hostility as nothing more than a grown man’s tantrum. If he couldn’t be bothered to call or write during her long absence, then why should she care what he thinks of her now? She shouldn’t. She doesn’t.

Every flutter of Aislinn’s lashes insists she’s full of secrets, but Tobias can’t keep his head on his shoulders long enough to work out what they might be. When danger surfaces in the otherwise peaceful bush, he knows in the depths of his soul that she’s involved – though which side of the fence Aislinn sits on remains a mystery. Only one thing is certain; Tobias and Aislinn must either address the yawning divide between them… or sentence everyone they care about to a grisly death.

Samantha Marshall

My favourite place for summertime reading is a comfy chair in my studio that gets beautiful natural light and is the perfect place to relax with a cool drink and a good book!

Samantha is an author of romantic speculative fiction who lives in Melbourne with her husband, two children, one fluffy golden retriever and a turtle.

Everywhere she goes, Samantha sees magic, mystery and incredible things that are both real and imagined, which she pours out through her fingers in the form of books. She believes in love, unicorns, chocolate ice cream and chai tea.

When she’s not lost in the journeys of her characters, Samantha can be found at:




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