Self-Publishing for Beginners by Cathleen Ross

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Are you sick of getting rejections from traditional publishers? Sign up for the OWL and learn how to self-publish in 5 easy steps with experienced trainer Cathleen Ross. 

I remember when I went to the RWA conference in America in 2010. I first heard of the term self-publishing, the type of self-publishing that got one across all the platforms the big publishers had access to. Our American author sisters were taking to it in droves and it opened my eyes to the fact, that although I was published, I should be able to manage the technology myself. I started self-publishing in 2011 and my income from writing expanded.

At the conference in 2010, one of the top New York editors said self-publishing wouldn’t go anywhere. Then in 2012 this same editor stood up, looked at our hungry-for-change author faces and said, “We know you’re out there.” By 2014, she and other editors said, “We do it better!” I knew they didn’t! A whole industry of providers who also did work for the big publishing houses emerged, making their prices affordable for authors: cover designers, freelance editors, self-publishing uploading services.

The big publishing houses started eating each other, merging to survive because authors self-published and priced their books cheaper than the publishers could. Some publishers offered contracts on the condition that authors didn’t self-publish but authors did the unheard of – they walked away from their NY contracts.

Some of these authors not only self-published but would only come back to their publishers if the big five in NY offered them better advances.

By 2016, the language had changed. The publishers started talking about partnerships with their authors as the term hybrid authors had emerged. Authors, who could write fast, wrote for their publisher and also self-published.

By 2019 it’s a whole different world in publishing. Self-publishing is now a must in the writer’s toolbox. The course I teach doesn’t come with bells and whistles. It’s designed for those of you who can word process but are not sure about the rest of the steps. Five easy steps will see you self-publishing and getting your book up on the digital platforms across the world.

Put another tool in your toolbox.

Self-Publishing for Beginners with Cathleen Ross

RWA OWL Course Dates: 4 November to 1 December 2019

Cost: RWA Member—$55. Non-RWA Member—$88. 

Venue: Online – RWA Moodle Platform

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When Cathleen Ross self-published her first Forbidden Fantasy in 2011, it started selling immediately. She’s a hybrid author, teacher, mentor and editor for writers and determined to empower others.



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