September OWL | Craft 101: Back to Basics with Anita Joy

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Writing is a craft, not a gift. It can be learned and perfected with practice. In an industry where we’re constantly reminded of the importance of having a fresh and unique voice it’s easy for new writers to persuade themselves that their innate writing voice (and enthusiasm) will be enough to draw an editor’s interest. But getting the craft right matters. Problem is: how do you know what you don’t know? Craft 101: Back to Basics will provide a broad overview of the key craft elements of fiction writing and cover a number of common craft terms and concepts—point-of-view, voice, GMC, hooks, pantsing—so that you can figure out where your knowledge gaps are and make a plan to fill them before you start sharing your work with editors/agents or even contest judges. This lightly interactive, introductory/Aspiring level workshop will remind new writers that they have to be proficient in the basic rules of craft before they can start breaking them.

This OWL is a five-week course intended to help prepare participants for the upcoming RWA contest season (and NaNoWriMo). Content will be delivered via a series of weekly ‘lessons’ (fact sheets) at the start of the week and an ongoing Q/A and discussions through the week.

Total student commitment:
Minimum (lurkers) – 5 hours (1 hour per week)
Average (participants) – 15 hours (3 hours per week)

About the Presenter

AJ Blythe (Anita Joy) is an experienced TAFE trainer and educator (and Cosy Mystery author) who has done her fiction-writing apprenticeship over many years in the close company of some of her favourite published authors. Since joining RWA in 2008 she been a finalist in the High 5, Ripping Start and Valerie Parv Award and won the Selling Synopsis award in 2013. In 2009 she instigated RWA’s ‘New Member Liaison’ program and was an advisor to new members for five years before becoming the inaugural ‘ambassador’ for the Aspiring Author group where she saw, first-hand, how easy it is for new writers to miss the fundamental elements of craft that could make the difference between career success and disappointment.

Course Dates: 4 September – 8 October, 2017
Cost: RWA Member—$30. Non-RWA Member—$80.

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