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Welcome two our new blog for Spring – featuring the first of our seasonal authors – Ida Brady and Jim Shomos. Ida and Jim talk to us about their favourite springtime reading place and what they love most about the season. Welcome Ida and Jim!

Ida Brady

My favourite place for spring reading is lying on a rug in any one of Melbourne’s parks, basking in the sunshine. As that’s hard to do these days, sitting on the porch of our apartment with the cat on my lap is pure bliss. 

What I love about spring—apart from the glorious sunshine—is that everything is in a new cycle of growth. With spring, comes a sense of hope. Which is perfect for goal planning! I start thinking about where I’m heading for the next twelve months and spend more time outside in the fresh spring air gathering my thoughts. It energises me both physically and creatively, which means my writer’s notebook tends to bulge with potential plotlines for new novels.

About To Tango With Love

To Tango With Love by Ida Brady

Passion. An Argentine man. Desire. An Australian woman.

A dance that fuelled their love. A past that threatened to burn it.

Mathilda Landrey is determined to restore the family bookstore to its former glory. So what if she has more debt than a small country? It’s the only thing she wants in life. That, and dancing the Argentine tango. But she’d rather stick a stiletto in her eye, than dance the lead in a tango performance group.
Thrust into the role opposite her teacher, Alejandro Garcia, Mathilda’s safe little haven suddenly becomes Nightmare on Tango Street. When disaster strikes, she is torn between saving her family legacy or creating one of her own.
A decade after an accident that ended his chances at the world title, Alejandro is intent on making this performance the biggest event on the tango calendar. His reputation and livelihood depend on its success. No matter how alluring his dance partner is, Alejandro vowed long ago never to embroil love and tango.
When love dances into their hearts, Alejandro and Mathilda must confront his demons, quell her doubts and conquer their fears. Or burn the floor trying.

Available on Amazon, Kobo/Apple/B&N and Google Books

About Ida

Author Ida Brady

Ida Brady is a lover of chocolate and thunderstorms. She writes contemporary romance that promises humour, heartbreak and a happily ever after. With all the sexy bits. She lives in Melbourne with her Irish husband, their talkative toddler and an out of control collection of books. Ida sometimes daydreams about having a huge library in her apartment but will settle for stacking novels in the kitchen drawers instead.

In her past life, she taught VCE Literature to a gaggle of teenagers. While she misses their enthusiasm, she sure as hell doesn’t miss marking papers. In her spare time, you might find her dancing the Argentine tango. Ida loves travelling, observing strangers at cafés and getting lost in a good story. Her new novel, ‘Before You Were Mine’ is out next month, hopefully before baby two is born!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/idabradyauthor/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idabrady.author

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_real_ida

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53337564-to-tango-with-love?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=mDG6HNO5gm&rank=1

Jim Shomos

Favourite place for spring reading

I enjoy lying on my bed, glimpsing through the second-storey window as the big gum tree branches wave to the sky. With a print book, I also have a little nook on a small back porch; perfect for Melbourne spring, too hot for summer, too cold for winter.

What I love about spring

I was born in September so personally and seasonally it’s a new beginning with birthday fun, blossoms and blue skies. People are bouncier, like the world is sub-consciously winking. I can go cycling without winter gear. Dark chocolate sorbet slips into our freezer…

About Up Here

Up Here by Jim Shomos

When you’ve had two dream marriages, choosing your eternal soulmate in heaven, is one hell of a dilemma.

Can you have more than one soulmate at the same time?

After two blissful marriages are cut short by tragic circumstances, Peter’s own early entry to heaven fills him with scepticism. Peter soon faces an impossible choice: with both wives Up Here, which woman is his eternal soulmate?

Christina and Jane have their own issues to resolve, especially considering they were best friends.

From two marriages made in heaven, all three now have one hell of a dilemma. And with Peter’s mother Up Here, too … well, she’s got her opinion!

The debut novel from Australian film & TV pioneer Jim Shomos. Up Here is a unique love-triangle featuring two dynamic women and one ro-man-tic; it’s a feel-good exploration of a modern romantic dilemma that asks the age-old question: what if?

About Jim Shomos

Author Jim Shomos

Jim’s stories have skipped across film, TV, songs and novels. An international pioneer in web series, he has collected nominations and awards in Cannes, Film Victoria and the Australian Writers’ Guild.

“I’m a ro-man-tic, hooked on exploring contemporary relationships through fiction. Sprinkling love, laughter and sneaky tears.”

Rumours of an insatiable passion for Haigh’s Chocolates, Arsenal, Melbourne Victory cycling and blueberry muffins. Sometimes cycling for blueberry muffins.


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