The Magic of Finding your Story with Karyn Sepulveda

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Often, we assume that when a person teaches a concept, it must come naturally to them. You teach what you excel in, is what I used to believe. But when I was at a meditation workshop, the facilitator shared with us that she struggled with meditation for the longest time. It was only after years of trying, exploring and finally grasping meditation that she decided to share her journey with others. ‘Concepts you find hard in life, but continue to pursue, will be the best concepts for you to share with others.’

This idea resonated with me strongly. It makes sense. When you struggle with something, it takes far more effort, time and practice to master it. The wisdom gained from this learning journey can be shared with others – it’s almost as though you have done the hard work, so that you can make the journey easier for others.

This is what I am sharing in my short course; The Magic of Finding your Story. For many years I tried to write stories that I thought would be publishable. I forced ideas that never felt quite right. I came close to publication many times with these ideas, but never actually got there. It was a frustrating and draining experience and to be honest, I lost my passion for writing and stopped altogether.

As a creative person though, I felt lost when I wasn’t writing. It took me a long time and quite some heartache to figure out why I felt so unsettled. It was a long process, but through some creative experimenting, I finally reconnected with my love of writing and tapped more deeply than ever into my creativity. The perfect story idea came to me – an idea that felt different to all others. A story that would consistently give me goosebumps and felt right. This story became my first published book and I believe that happened because I discovered the magic of writing a story that was meant for me to share. In the years since then, my writing flows with ease and creative ideas come to me effortlessly. I feel such a sense of creative joy and alignment when I write – and this is what I want to share in my short course for RWA; The Magic of Finding your Story. I have designed a fun, informative and inspiring course that will help you to discover, deeply connect with and develop the story you are supposed to tell. I will share all I have learned throughout my own writing and publishing journey and support you through this magical process. I am so excited to share this course and hope you will join me.

The Magic of Finding Your Story – Short Course

This course will focus on helping participants to connect deeply to their intuition so that they may find the perfect story to write. We will begin by exploring different ways of discovering story ideas, including the use of short, guided meditations and creative-writing exercises. By deepening our connection to our own inspiration, we encourage ideas to flow effortlessly. Next, we’ll practice sifting through ideas to find the gem and learn how to turn that idea into an interesting storyline. We will compare plotting and pantsing and trial both approaches. Finally, we will learn how to develop believable characters so that our story can shine. Each week, we will gather in a zoom call to discuss the week’s content and to encourage and inspire each other with our own experiences. At the end of the course, participants will be invited to submit a piece of writing of up to 2000 words for feedback. From here, this well-developed story idea has the best chance possible of going on to become a powerful writing project.

Pre-course preparation

Just to be open to trying meditation as a way of finding inspiration for story ideas. (There is no need for previous meditation experience before starting the course)

Course Type


Hours of Commitment

5 – 10 hours

Presenters Bio

Karyn Sepulveda is an author, podcast producer and creator of short, guided meditations. Through writing about characters triumphing over adversity, interviewing women about their strengths and designing meditations that help the listener tap into their own creativity, Karyn hopes to spread compassion and connection.

Course Dates: 2nd May to 5th June 2022

Cost: RWA-Member – $55.00 Non RWA-Member – $66.00
* Please note, there is a $0.50 Trybooking fee at checkout.

Venue: Online – Moodle
(Course attendees will be notified of access/login details via email from the RWA Academy Registrar a few days prior to the start date of the course)

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