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Title: Quinn, by design

Author: Jennifer Raines

Date: 18 June 2024

Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

Format: e-book and paperback


She’s antiques royalty, he’s relentlessly modern

Master carpenter NIALL QUINN’s passion is creating bespoke furniture. Everything else comes second until his ex-fiancé ditches him when he gifts another creation to a friend, and he discovers his brother has been carrying his dead father’s debts. Niall’s self-respect demands he pay his share. He’s landed a prestigious exhibition of his work with a top gallery, possible in part because of the support of an antiques dealer who’s been mentor, patron, and generous landlord. Niall’s hoping the exhibition will establish his reputation and boost his bank balance.

LUCY McTAVISH’s grandfather, antiques supremo Cameron (Cam) McTavish raised her. His death leaves her totally alone. Lucy drained their personal accounts to provide twenty-four-seven in-home palliative care for Cam. The thought of poverty paralyses her, a crippling reminder of life before Cam found her. Laden with debt, she plans to sell Cam’s workshop to ensure his antiques emporium survives.

When the will is read, Niall Quinn holds the keys to Cam’s workshop. Lucy’s convinced he conned her grandpa in his last days and demands he restore antiques for her. Niall is blindsided by the bequest, but worries about yet another debt and agrees to the work.

Lucy and Niall circle each other. In sharing stories and drawing closer, Lucy figures out debt is her childhood bogeyman resurrected by Cam’s death. Niall has real debts and, unaware of his exhibition, she looks for clients who’ll pay him for the work she’d been demanding for free.

With the exhibition drawing closer, it’s crunch time. Will Niall choose his exhibition or Lucy? Does Lucy want a man who won’t share his dreams with her?

Paragraph from Author about the book:

Quinn, by design—Choosing Family Book 2 placed second in RWAus’s The Emerald, 2022. It’s changed since then—editors have a way of challenging you to do better in so many ways. It began with a Huon pine bark-to-bark table. Thirty years ago, my carpenter was in his sixties, and he crafted the table from wood his father bought when my carpenter was just a boy. It’s an item of exceptional beauty, so I decided to give it a book. That meant I also needed Niall Quinn, a genius with wood, according to his identical twin, Liam (Masquerade—Choosing Family Book 1). Making a living as an artisan is a confounding mix of highs and lows when you often doubt yourself. For some reason this had me pondering opposites. That left me with an antiques shop owner vs a woodworker, a debt vs a gift, and a love affair about to blow up while Niall and Lucy fall over each other to be honourable.

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