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Here we are in April and autumn is upon us. It’s my favourite time of the year with it vibrant colours and exciting prospects, much like our Member’s New Releases. This month we are once again enveloped in epic masterpieces that electrify the imagination. Every month I am astonished by the brilliance we have within our ranks, and again I was not disappointed.

Often within the romance genre we rely on symbols and symbolism to enhance and direct our storytelling. These images can be the cornerstone to our world, providing the solid foundation we rest our narratives on. Symbolism and symbols are an imperative marketing tool we have at our disposal. They can be instantaneous representation of the type of books we write, and a direct magnet to the type of readers we wish to entice. This month I was struck by the number of covers that used symbolism as the main feature of their artwork. It was roses, guitars, balloons and rings. All symbols that speak directly to our readers. But with a heart on the cover, those that understand the nuances of our world will be drawn as a moth is to the flame.

This is Kaylah, bu Rania Battany

So, this month, we welcome This is Kaylah by Rania Battany, Independently Published with Cover Designer Lana Pecherczyk. This cover is all about the symbol, the symbol of love. The heart is the element that draws you in, but the overall look and feel is a gentle nudge towards the story beyond the shell. What I particularly love most of all is not just the symbolism, but the simplicity. The typography, the image of the woman and most importantly, that title effortlessly come together, inviting the reader to linger and stay, be enticed by the potential and want to make that all-important purchase.

Well done Rania and Lana and welcome to the Cover Crush family.

If RWA members would like to get their covers into Heart’s Talk, just log into your account on the RWA website and upload your image before the 8th of each month.

If you’re interested in reading my previous cover crush nominations, you can find them on the Romance Writers Australia website.

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Annabelle McInnes

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From the age of sixteen, Annabelle lived in a youth refuge while she remained committed to her education. She spent two years within a section of humanity that society overlooks.

Her experiences are the foundations that drive her stories and her characters. They fight for their freedoms, have courage in the face of adversity and will ultimately, always aspire for greatness.

Annabelle is privileged to spend her time writing with a backdrop of Canberra’s iconic landmarks and admiring its distinct and captivating change of seasons. Outside of her love for reading, she spends every free moment with her husband, son and her poodle named Serendipity. She drinks her whisky neat and is known to scour the local markets in an attempt to find the best blue cheese available.

Follow Annabelle on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Sign up to her newsletter at her website and be a part of the journey.

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