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Tips from and Industry Insider | Marketing Strategies for New Releases

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Now that I’m an author as well as a publicist, I know why everybody groans when the word ‘marketing’ comes up. It’s a hungry monster with a never-ending appetite. How do you know what to feed it? And how do you plan meal times so that it doesn’t take up every minute of your writing, leisure and family time? The key is to not give in to demand feeding.

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Cover Crush | April

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Here we are in April and autumn is upon us. It’s my favourite time of the year with it vibrant colours and exciting prospects, much like our Member’s New Releases. This month we are once again enveloped in epic masterpieces that electrify the imagination. Every month I am astonished by the brilliance we have within our ranks, and again I was not disappointed.

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A not-to-miss OWL for those considering self-publishing | Donna Munro

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Two years ago, I released my first book The Zanzibar Moon. It wasn’t the only manuscript I had written, six are filed away. Some had been sent to publishers and rejected over many years. I admit I did not send them out enough, but I was working full-time, a mum and other things got in the way of my publishing dream. Turning 52 made me devise a plan. I found at that point in my life I desperately wanted to hold my own book. It was time. With a background in graphic design and small publishing, I was confident I …

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Self Publishing for Success

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Self publishing is a skill that every author should have in their toolbox. Although the market has changed and become a lot more crowded since those heady early days of self publishing, it’s important knowledge. To paraphrase a recent article from Just Publishing advice, romance novels are dominating the self publishing arena with Smashwords stating, “it is quite startling to discover how dominant self-published romance novels have become. In short, the romance genre accounts for a staggering 87% of the top 100 bestsellers on Smashwords and their aggregators.” Click here to read the article. It’s a difficult market with midlist …

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Confessions of a Romance Writer | Reporting in

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This month’s confession opens with me in front of the Principal’s office, expecting to be reamed for my misbehaviour. I’m pacing backwards and forwards across the floor one minute, sitting with hands twisted together in my lap, staring at the floor the next. Waiting to be summoned. Waiting to give an account of what I’ve been up to over the last month.

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Indie Insights | Going Wide

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So, you have finished that manuscript, spent your precious dollars on editing and cover design and your fingers are twitching to set it free. Before you upload your manuscript you need to make a very important decision. Do you put all your eggs in one basket and let Amazon have full control of your sales or do you spread your wings and ‘go wide’?