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Twelve months has come and gone since I began this blog and it has given me such an insight into the importance of visually appealing covers for our great work. A series of unexpected end-of-year events has meant this month will feature both December and January’s Cover Crush nominations.

Combining the two months has given me the opportunity to reflect on the diversity of the subtle cover elements we have within our genre and a single image’s strength to portray it’s category. The colours, the type-face, the montage or layering of the images themselves are all pinches of sparking fairy dust, allowing light to shine onto parts of the story that we as readers wish to consume.

This month, after viewing the tempting delights of our Member New Releases, I want to focus on colour.

December gives us an indulgent feast. Tea Cooper’s The Woman in the Green Dress is a banquet for the eyes. The green of the woman’s dress is so vibrant, you can do nothing but be dazzled. It is a colour underlined by highlights marked within the montage as well as the text. It’s a colour that demands investigation, a second glance and further inspection. But this cover is more than just a single colour. The collaboration of images invites you to crack the spine and read the pages. The imagery eloquently portrays the historical elements found within this book, offering a peak into the story itself.

The Woman in the Green Dress by Tea Cooper

Conversely, for January, we have Cassie Laelyn with Unforsaken. This is a cover with a complete absence of colour, but with no less visual appeal. In fact, it’s black and white image was what drew me in, beckoned me to explore the new and exciting world Cassie has created. But again, this cover is not just a single element. It is a layering of images entrenched in their genre with the hint of paranormal elements, smoky intrigue and passionate exchanges. The absence of colour is a lure, differentiating itself from the market by stepping away from the norm. A concept I adore.

Unforsaken by Cassie Laelyn

So, for December congratulations (again) to Tea Cooper and for January welcome to the Cover Crush family Cassie Laelyn.

If members would like to get their covers into Heart’s Talk, just log into your account on the RWA website and upload your image before the 8th of each month.

If you’re interested in reading my previous cover crush nominations, you can find them on the Romance Writers Australia website.

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Annabelle McInnes

From the age of sixteen, Annabelle lived in a youth refuge while she remained committed to her education. She spent two years within a section of humanity that society overlooks.

Her experiences are the foundations that drive her stories and her characters. They fight for their freedoms, have courage in the face of adversity and will ultimately, always aspire for greatness.

Annabelle is privileged to spend her time writing with a backdrop of Canberra’s iconic landmarks and admiring its distinct and captivating change of seasons. Outside of her love for reading, she spends every free moment with her husband, son and her poodle named Serendipity. She drinks her whisky neat and is known to scour the local markets in an attempt to find the best blue cheese available.

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