Creating A Monthly To-Do List For Romance Writers

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Have you ever thought about creating a monthly To-Do list as a romance writer?

I asked around and came up with the following 10 quick tips to help you with the month ahead…

1/- Ask yourself, what matters most to you as an author?

Take five to ask yourself the above, and then what can you achieve this month? It’s all about knowing your author goals.

While you’re thinking of the answers…

From the book Your Author Goals >>

2/- Let’s begin with the worst first, by cleaning up your writing space.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have paper, notes, and other assorted items everywhere. So declutter this area, wipe down everything to give you a clean slate for the month ahead.

3/- Could you streamline your workspace?

Perhaps you’re due a chair upgrade, or some sort of lumbar support, or a footstool?

Your health matters, so take the time to think of you.

4/- Tech can help

Look at what tools you could use to help reduce your time away from writing. There’s new stuff on the market all the time with technology designed to help you manage your time. Like scheduling newsletters, or your social media for the month ahead.

Ask a writer-friend if they have any recommendations, like we did here >>

5/- Word Count Goals

Create a wordcount goal that you can break down for the month, then into the days ahead.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by making the number too big. You set the rules, so set yourself up for success on this one.

You can find how to create your wordcount formulas here >> 

6/-Your Author Platform

 Your author platform is what helps connect you to your readers, and for some romance writers it’s a daunting task that they’d rather push aside.

But not you.

This month you could pick a task to complete, like creating a short story to help build your email list. For more on author platforms visit>>

7/-Remind yourself

Write down your author goals where you can see them as a daily reminder.

Keep them simple.

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself so much that instead of reaching for your laptop you’ll reach for TV remote to rewatch Bridgerton.

8/- Reward yourself!

What is the short-term payoff that will help motivate you?

It could be Bridgerton-binge time? If that’s what you want.

Think of something fun as a gift for reaching your word count goals for the day, week, or month.

9/- Review

At the end of the month, go through your list to see what worked, and what just sucked!! Be honest.

Make a note of it somewhere, especially your wordcounts to see your progress.

10/- Keep planning!

Work out what you want to achieve next month and start thinking of next year.

Writing a book is a long process, so by breaking it down into smaller goals will help you see results.

So, simplify things by setting up your own Author’s To-Do list that you can cross off as you go.

And know you’ve got this!

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